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Imprima’s Virtual Data Rooms are highly secure, reliable and easy to use virtual data room. It provides an online document safe, to help clients preserve the confidentiality of mission-critical documents and communications during any deal transaction. The entire process and our people are certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – the latest and most comprehensive in-depth security certification for providers of virtual data rooms.

Dedication and reliability 24/7/365

Our service and support is second to none, with dedicated project managers available to help you at every stage of your virtual data room journey. Our reliable and stable platform keeps transactions on track and removes time delays. Investment and innovation in our virtual data room technology ensures your efficiency and productivity levels are constantly being improved.

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Imprima’s virtual data room services have helped some of the world’s leading organisations in over 160 countries, to successfully execute deals worth over a combined $1 trillion.”


Imprima Virtual Data Room

Powerful AI technology – within your data room

Imprima Smart Index
AI-powered VDR Index
Automatically categorise and structure documents in your data room.
Imprima Smart Review
AI Document Review
Find documents and spot red flags in your data room.
Smart Summaries
Manual or Auto Redaction
Minimise outsourcing and achieve full GDPR compliancy.

Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

Virtual Data Room Features

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We provide solutions for a wide range of business deals

Why Use Imprima Virtual Data Rooms?

Imprima Virtual Data Room helps companies of all sizes streamline transaction due diligence. Whether you’re managing Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Real Estate transactions, IPO’s or raising capital, our Virtual Data Room will help you take a deal to market quickly and manage it effectively. Security: preserve the confidentiality of your mission-critical documents by using the only Virtual Data Room provider to be ISO:27001 compliant across both process and people. User experience: substance and style? Our fresh-looking, next-generation Virtual Data Room, simplifies deal management so you can get your deals to market faster.

An Overview of our VDR Features


  • Easy to digest, ‘at a glance’ dashboards: Imprima’s Virtual Data Room offers a visual dashboard with a real-time view of the entire deal process. Deal managers can track user interactions automatically through the due diligence platform and every interaction is stored in your organised data room. We help you get the information you need, quickly.


  • Managing Q&A in your Virtual Data Room: Every transaction is unique, but communication is key; we help you get it right in our Virtual Data Room Q&A module. Our powerful and highly flexible tool facilitates the most effective communication between buyer and seller. Our market-leading Q&A functionality such as auto-forwarding and topics mapping, makes collaboration between buyer and seller, slick and intuitive.


  • Helping you spot those most likely to buy: Who is most active in the room? Who’s reviewing documentation? Who’s asking questions in our Q&A module? We help you spot who’s serious about what you’re selling and who’s not through our insightful reporting.


  • Managing Users of your data room, efficiently: Our Virtual Data Room has enhanced User Management features so that you can control a deal with less clicks. Our honed and streamlined processes empower Deal Managers to manage both users and permissions, with ease.


  • One secure SSO portal for all your apps: Single sign-on (SSO) authentication system lets you create any number of logins to Imprima Virtual Data Room. SSO makes them available with one password, one click. Greatly increasing productivity while keeping data secure.


  • Maximise Long-Term Efficiencies with API Integration: Integrate Imprima Virtual Data Room with your relevant internal systems (such as Salesforce CRM, HighQ or Sharepoint) to drive greater productivity and insight. Having our Virtual Data Rooms always accessible to you, means you can get transactions to market even quicker. Our VDR Developers can liaise with your IT or other relevant teams to set this up.


And so Much More…

We place an array of features at your fingertips to help manage transactions effectively; drag-and-drop contract upload, file sharing, dynamic watermarking, secure sign-on, secure access controls, audit trails, permission-based user segmentation, deal tracking, and real-time reporting. Imprima Virtual Data Room provides award-winning customer service, including email and phone support, a self-help knowledge base, and complementary data migration from other virtual data room providers. Once the deal is closed, Imprima’s Virtual Data Room offers integrated document management functionality. Deal managers can track and review deal commitments directly from within the Virtual Data Room via viewing the history of all conversations.

5 Use Cases of A Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room provides an online repository of data through an extranet. Companies and organisations typically utilise a secure VDR during the due diligence process so that they can share critical information with external partners in a highly secure online environment that can be accessed anywhere.

Imprima has been a technology pioneer over the last two decades and was first to market in Europe with our Virtual Data Room platform in 2001. As a market-leading virtual data room provider, we have seen several different uses for virtual data rooms.

Here we’ll explore the most common use cases for Virtual Data Rooms.

These use cases include virtual data rooms for asset life-cycle management, raising capital, real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and for IPO. We have created a bespoke solution that can easily be tailored to your needs and if you continue reading, you’ll discover everything that you need to know about the different types of virtual data rooms.

Virtual data rooms for asset life-cycle management

If you’re a real estate asset manager or a private equity business that manages a portfolio of different assets, you’ll need to make sure that your data is up-to-date so you can share sensitive documents with your advisers, analysts, partners, and investors within a moment’s notice. A virtual data room ensures seamless sharing of this information securely so that you can be market-ready at any given time.

There are many benefits when using a virtual data room for asset life-cycle management. Firstly, you will be able to reduce holding periods. Updating documents on a continual basis in a virtual data room can reduce costs when compared with starting from scratch for every transaction during the due diligence process. You’ll benefit from transaction-related documents being stored in a structured manner during the lifecycle of all your assets, which in turn, will bring your asset to market faster by reducing the holding period.

Historically, we have seen clients’ asset prices increase while using a virtual data room. Generally, this occurs for all types of assets including patent transactions, company acquisitions or even property transactions as the value of all assets depends on accurate and complete documentation, which often acts as the basis for an accurate and fair evaluation. To put it simply, the more organised your documentation is, the better the perceived value of your asset.

A virtual data room gives you the capacity to create a central overview of all your important documents, which is important for global assets with various asset managers. With a virtual data room, you can bring transparency to your portfolio, which not only helps you to satisfy all your investors and stakeholders but also ensures that you meet the regulatory requirements in place.

Virtual data rooms for raising capital

Another reason why a VDR for your business might provide value is so that you can make the process of raising capital for your business easier. A virtual data room will give you greater clarity and insight with regards to the investment opportunities that are available to you while also enabling you to raise capital faster. Often when making investment decisions, mistakes can easily be made, and opportunities can be missed due to tight deadlines when stringent disclosure requirements and multiple investors are involved in the negotiation process.

A VDR ensures diligent documentation, which is critical when it comes to getting investors interested and raising capital. Market-leading virtual data rooms such as Imprima VDR have an advanced Q&A module that will give you the time to respond to all investor inquiries while ensuring that there is up-to-date information about your company. A VDR provides you with a centralised platform to manage the process of raising capital for your business, enabling you to control and share large volumes of data among prospects and investors.

Virtual data rooms for real estate transactions

An increasing number of commercial real estate agents and agencies are turning towards virtual data rooms today to help them manage real estate transactions. Your plugin-free software will enable you to collaborate with property managers directly so that all data is sourced, reviewed and structured in the correct manner. Not only is this important in terms of maximising investment opportunities and handling the real estate sale process as efficiently as possible but it will make sure that you adhere to all the strict regulations that are in place.

By having a virtual data room, you will be able to upload documents relating to any of your real estate assets. This will make sure that relevant data about your real estate assets is maintained and registered within a single integrated database. This includes documents and records such as lease agreements, utility maintenance agreements, property taxes, rental income, and occupancy. You will also be able to collaborate effectively between legal advisers, asset managers, property managers, and facility managers. Plus, all data is indexed so that it can be updated and maintained ensuring you are ready for due diligence within the real estate sector any given time.

Virtual data room for mergers and acquisitions

In addition to the uses that have already been mentioned, virtual data rooms are also critical when it comes to the process of merging two companies or acquiring another company. When undergoing a merger or acquisition, there are many critical documents that need to be shared. A virtual data room will ensure that all the right people have access to the documents that they need, when they need it. You will be able to create specific user groups so that certain people have access to specific information. You will also be able to publish financial records and any other details about your company to ensure complete transparency.

Merger and acquisition teams today must have the functionality that will enable them to create accurate activity reports and documents in real-time. With the right virtual data room provider, you will be able to generate reports documenting up-to-the-minute user activity. You can also create customised and in-depth reports that will give an invaluable and enriched oversight of activity by each user group involved in the deal. Your data room also ensures that you are best placed to react quickly so that you can get your merger or acquisition over the line. From the bulk upload of the first documents to getting the deal done, you’ll have everything that you need in one place.

Virtual data rooms for IPO

For any company that is privately held and is looking to make that vital step into the open market, an initial public offering (IPO) is a turning point. There is an immense amount of work that is involved when offering shares to the public and there is no denying that the process is complicated. We have specifically designed IPO virtual data rooms to ensure that all your needs are catered to.

By choosing a virtual data room for your IPO, you will be able to speed up the process of document sharing. You will be able to ensure that anyone that is interested in buying shares in your business has all the details that they need. Plus, you can have all of this with the backup of the highly secure ISO:27001 accreditation, giving you full peace of mind that everything within your virtual data room is safe and secure.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of five of the key uses for virtual data rooms. Of course, there are many reasons to consider a virtual data room, and we can ensure your data room is tailored to your needs.

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