Leadership Team


Pieter van der Made

Managing Director

Pieter van der Made is Managing Director at Imprima, responsible for Sales, Marketing and R&D.

After acquiring the company in 2014, Pieter led Imprima’s business transformation.

Bringing more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Pieter co-founded Jason Geosystems in 1985 and was appointed CEO a number of years later. Under his management, all major global oil & gas companies were listed as clients, making Jason a highly successful and global software technology company, with offices in 10 countries.

In 2002, Pieter sold Jason to Fugro, marking a very successful transaction for key staff and VC investors. Pieter continued as CEO of Fugro-Jason for a number of years.

After retiring as CEO of Fugro-Jason, Pieter co-founded OTM investments and embarked on various successful commercial and non-commercial activities.

Pieter holds a Ph.D. and MSc in Physics from the Delft University of Technology.


Gary McKeown

Managing Director

Gary McKeown is Managing Director at Imprima, responsible for Finance, Legal and HR, amongst other responsibilities.

Joining Imprima in June 2003, Gary has held various senior roles within the group.

Gary is passionate about people, quality, innovation and business transformation.

Gary was born in Dublin and moved to the UK in 2002. His previous roles in Ireland included working as a Senior Equity Analyst for BCP Asset Management, one of Ireland’s largest independently owned Investment Product Providers.

Gary holds a Master’s degree in Investments and Treasury from Dublin City University.