Imprima brings an end to isolated working in real estate, with secure asset management platform

Virtual data room provider Imprima has launched a new Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform to help asset managers centralise data management, streamline administrative processes and maximise the value of their properties.

London, 13th December 2017 – Factors such as siloed processes and handling outdated and incomplete documentation have emerged as very real data management challenges for real estate asset managers. This is especially the case when dealing with large asset portfolios incorporating numerous tenancies in multiple  locations.

The commercial real estate (CRE) investment market  is reporting record transaction levels, increased competition and reductions in asset holding periods, to on average 2.5 years.

However, this more dynamic market has also created a massive challenge for real estate asset managers, as they have the task of handling a whole host of paperwork, which often sits in various locations and probably hasn’t been regularly updated. This means they are frequently being pulled away from their primary objective – to maximise the value of their client’s investments and,  to ensure that they are ready, to capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

That’s where Imprima’s Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution comes in. Imprima ALM streamlines processes for asset managers by providing a secure platform for the centralisation of data management and ensuring a much higher degree of control and accuracy compared to existing processes.

“Asset managers today have a tough task on their hands in ensuring that all tenancy information is kept up-to-date, while also assuming overall control of the asset and its value,” said Sean Kelly, Business Development Director at Imprima. “To make their lives easier, Imprima’s ALM solution provides a central location where important documents can be securely stored, updated and accessed only by those who have permission.”

“This way, asset managers can concentrate on maximising the value of their properties, without having to worry about updating two-year-old records and frantically chasing their property managers for information when it comes time to sell.”

Imprima’s ALM rooms are available on a subscription-based model and offer highly-secure, customisable platforms where all relevant asset data can be stored and continuously updated. The ALM room can be upgraded quickly and easily to Imprima’s full-scale Virtual Data Room (VDR) as a property moves from asset management to a sales process.

About Imprima

Imprima is the leading data room provider, handling over $1 trillion worth of transactions in over 160 countries. We have built up a highly impressive customer base of high-profile corporations, financial institutions and advisors. Our clients rely on us when the stakes are high because we have the most secure, reliable and easy-to-use data room in the industry.

Our expertise is founded on our 15-year experience with VDRs, as one of the pioneers in the field. The security of business-critical information is in our DNA, and today we apply this to our market-leading data rooms, the Imprima-VDR

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