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Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

Virtual Data Rooms for IPO

Security and speed when raising capital

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) listing is a turning point for any privately held company ready to make that critical step into the open markets and is only suitable to companies that can prove they have the strong fundamentals and proven profitability. Offering shares to the public requires an immense amount of work, expectations and emotions are high and the process complex. During such a delicate time with a high risk of potentially negative impacts of lowering stock prices, security and secrecy is absolutely paramount. Imprima’s Virtual Data Rooms for IPO are designed specifically for those companies that are investigating the feasibility of listing on the stock exchange in order to support the pre IPO preparation process. Our sophisticated and secure VDR platform helps to speed up the process of sharing large volumes of documentation between interested parties that want to potentially buy shares in your company. No other VDR provider gives you the assurance of an ISO accreditation to do the IPO transaction in the upmost security and privacy.

Managing all IPO processes at once with your VDR

Facilitating a dual-track process, Imprima’s Virtual Data Rooms for IPO enables legal and financial teams to work alongside each other in both the IPO process and M&A process, improving efficiency by centrally storing and managing the data for both processes.

How Q&A functionality can help with the IPO due diligence process

  • We are the only VDR provider to provide Advanced Q&A functionality, this latest dynamic technology allows interested parties to quickly ask and validate questions about your privately held company.
  • All Q&A messages and collaborative activities are tracked in your highly secure and ISO accredited Virtual Data Room for IPO preparation.
  • All activities are recorded for transparency in your VDR so that all collaboration can be monitored throughout the IPO process. You will also receive a post-deal record of such Q&A activities – no other VDR provider today can provide you with this level of transparency and security during the IPO due diligence process

When the time is ready to divest your portfolio company or asset you can seamlessly transition to Imprima’s award-winning Virtual Data Rooms for Raising Capital

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