Smart Translation

Empower your users with instant AI-based translation of VDR documents

Fast and accurate AI-powered translation

Speed matters in M&A transactions – getting stuck while reviewing documents in foreign languages is not an option. Imprima VDR’s Smart Translation tool instantly translates VDR documents from any language (we support over 200 languages) into your language.

How does it work?

  1. Open any document in your data room.
  2. Click on the “Translate” button within the document viewer.
  3. Translation of the current page will appear on the right-hand side.

Translate from any language

Imprima Smart Translation translates documents from any language, into your Imprima user interface language. It is very accurate, instantaneous, and very simple to use.

Key Benefits



Any document can be instantly translated to the language of your data room interface.



State of the art AI-based auto translation with a high degree of accuracy.



Translate within the protected environment of your dataroom.