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Gary McKeown – Group Managing Director

When you set up a virtual data room with a view to a sale process, you want to know which prospective bidders are looking at your information, when and how often. Failure to monitor user activity effectively can compromise your deal success. Conversely, gaining an in-depth visibility into real-time data room activity gives you the power to make the right decisions, at the right time.

With Imprima VDR new enhanced reporting capabilities, we continue to enable deal managers to track when & how often a document is viewed. In addition, we provide you with real time access to whether a document or several documents have been printed or bulk saved for further offline bidder review.

However, Imprima VDR new reporting now gives you the power to do more. Management of the reports is easier than ever with a graphical dashboard that puts deal managers in full control. Key executives can be kept informed by sharing customised data room activity reports, and if you’re working on multiple deals across several data rooms, time can be saved by sharing dashboards quickly and efficiently.

The project Heatmap is a particularly popular new addition, which essentially allows you to quickly assess what information bidders are interested in. This level of business intelligence is critical in providing real time deal insight on how parties engage with documents in the data room.

Imprima has already a proud track record of supporting high profile corporations, financial institutions and advisors in providing the most secure data room technology in the industry.
We deliver tailored solutions for a number of critical use cases including for M&A’s, Real Estate transactions, Capital Raising and IPOs.

Virtual Data Rooms play a vital role when it comes to managing data during large-scale business deals. With Imprima VDR new reporting capabilities, we are now streamlining the due diligence process even further, when it really matters.

For further information on Imprima VDR, go to Virtual data rooms.

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