Meet Imprima

Through its evolution from the European VDR pioneer to the all-in-one due diligence technology provider, Imprima developed a unique AI-powered platform that accelerates Data Room Preparation, Vendor, and Buyer Due Diligence.

This is achieved through automating due diligence processes: in the early days with the help of Virtual Data Room Q&A and Reporting tools, and now by developing its AI-powered due diligence software.


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Imprima History


Imprima VDR Launched

We launched the Imprima Virtual Data Room in 2001 to simplify the M&A process and other transactions, such as Real-Estate sales, IPO’s, Restructuring. As such, we’re a pioneer of the industry; no one has more experience than we do providing highly secure VDRs. 

Focus on Due Diligence Tech

In 2014 Imprima was acquired by its current owner, OTM Participation C. OTM is an investment company controlled by software entrepreneurs Arco van Nieuwland and Pieter van der Made. A new board was appointed, composed of the OTM partners and Imprima’s CEO, Gary McKeown.

Imprima AI Launched

We launched a research program focusing on applying AI, and in particular machine learning, to Due Diligence. We wanted to take the complex, time-consuming processes we’d spent so long understanding and simplify them for our clients.

Smart Tools Launched

In 2019 and 2020, the first resulting AI tools were released. Smart Review, for automatically finding documents and finding documents containing red flags, and Smart Index, for automatically structuring VDRs.

AI Due Diligence Platform

Today, Imprima is on a mission to create a new SaaS category – AI-powered due diligence technology aka DDTech. Imprima Due Diligence Platform offers these AI-powered DD tools: Smart Index, Smart Review, Smart Redaction, Smart Summaries and VDR.

Vision and Mission

Due Diligence is complicated and time-consuming. It’s also high consequence. That’s a dangerous combination; tasks of a monotonous and complex nature that carry great consequences.

At Imprima, we do our best to tackle the complexities of due diligence, reduce the time it takes to complete and, at the same time, minimise the risks involved.

We do this through automating DD processes, including Q&A, Reporting, and now contract review and vendor due diligence through our Imprima AI tools.

vision and mission illustration


At  Imprima  we foster a culture that recognises integrity and excellence. We reward performance, where individual employee goals are closely aligned with those of the company and of our clients. Our employees are inspired to work as a team to make  Imprima's success their own.

Imprima's Leadership Team


Pieter van der Made

Managing Director

Pieter van der Made is the Executive Chairman of Imprima. A position he held since November 2014.

In 2011 Pieter joined the Board of Imprima as an independent supervisory director. After acquiring the company in 2014, Pieter led Imprima’s business transformation.


Gary McKeown

Managing Director

Gary McKeown is the CEO of Imprima. A position he held since September 2014.

Joining Imprima in June 2003, Gary has held various senior roles within the group. Prior to being appointed CEO, Gary was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Imprima.


Arco van Nieuwland

Non-Executive Chairman

Arco van Nieuwland is Non-Executive Director of Imprima. A position he held since 2011.

Co-founding Exact Holding NV (alternate name, Exact Software) in 1984 marks the beginning of a focused and exceptional journey. Where innovation, Marketing and Business Development were his key pillars.