Prevention is better than cure – you shouldn’t react to security threats after they happen.

At Imprima, we help you get ahead of them.

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A comprehensive security approach

Stop potential security threats within your VDR in these key areas
ISMS and ISO Certification
Imprima’s ISMS and ISO certification ensures our clients can be certain we follow strict quality control processes in every area of our business operations.

Where is your data physically stored? At Imprima we host data in highly secure and accredited European facilites, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

Organisations that experience cyber security breaches may face significant fines and reputational damage. Imprima has invested in the technologies, processes, and controls to protect your data from potential threats.
Human Error and Disclosure
Few people realise that human error is a massive contributor to data breaches.  Fortunately at Imprima, we have an array of tools and features to ensure this potential security risk is minimized.

Cutting Edge Security Features

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EU Based

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Bring Your Own Key

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2-Factor Authentication

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2-Step Publishing

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Smart Redaction & Compliance

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It’s a very easy platform that allows the control of information by both parties and has a very easy Q&A process that is important in a Due Diligence Stage. 


Your security credentials and track-record gave us the peace of mind that our information was safe and the system was always available, meaning we did not have to worry about delays on the deal.


ISMS and ISO Certification

Unlike other providers whose ISO certification only covers data centres, Imprima’s Information Security and ISO 27001 certification covers our entire business.
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Security is in Imprima’s DNA

We are constantly working on the protection of information assets and sensitive data, by implementing appropriate risk assessments, policies and controls:

  • Half-yearly ISO 27001 audits by independent auditors.
  • All staff fully trained on security best practices and standards.

Legal Data Protection

EU-Based Data Servers

Legal data protection is a critical area for forward-thinking firms with the compliance burden increasing globally.  Imprima's data practices and procedures are hugely advantageous in this climate:

  • All data are stored in EU locations (both primary and back up)
  • Fully legally protected by EU regulations - the world’s most stringent data protection laws
  • As such, is not subject to the US Freedom Act

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Protect your sensitive data from theft and damage with Imprima’s cutting edge technologies

Two security layers are better than one!

Imprima's 2-factor authentication – the most up to date and secure solution, driven by an Authenticator app.

  • Secure – A one time passcode (OTP) is generated on your device of choice (usually a smart phone) and therefore - unlike emails - cannot be intercepted.
  • Easy to setup and use – Download the app of your choice (we recommend Google or Microsoft Authenticators), point your camera at the QR code, and then use the 6-digit code your authenticator generates when you log in.

Data Security

Microsoft’s Azure Storage services, which underpin Imprima's platform, are:

  • Durable and highly available: data is safe in the event of transient hardware failures.
  • Secure: All data written to an Azure storage account is encrypted by the service (using 256-bit AES and TLS 1.2 encryption).
  • Scalable: Azure Storage is designed to be massively scalable to meet the data storage and performance needs of today's applications.
  • Managed: Azure handles hardware maintenance, updates, and critical issues on the services.

Penetration Testing

As part of its security posture, Imprima maintains three different vulnerability and penetration testing programs


Internal teams continuously test the Imprima service security against the latest threats.


Imprima hires third-party CREST-approved security research agencies to perform grey-box testing on the services, at least annually.


Imprima will work with customers so they can perform their own penetration testing on a preview instance.

Bring Your Own Key

Encrypt and decrypt your documents stored in Imprima VDRs with an encryption key that you hold:

  • Have control over your own master keys
  • Have the ability to audit and encrypt your own data
  • Achieve compliance with security regulations much more quickly and cost effectively

Imprima empowers you to have control over your own digital security!

Single Sign On

Avoid the need to remember or manage multiple passwords and manage security through centralised user access:

  • Enter a single set of credentials to access all web apps in the cloud.
  • Works via desktop, smartphone and tablet.
  • Ensure only authorized users get access to sensitive data.
  • Reduce Risk: Having only one access point minimises likelihood of employees using simple/easy methods to crack passwords.
  • Compliance: This approach to security will help comply with IT audits.
  • User Management Terms of Service: Tech staff can easily create, delete, or edit accounts across multiple systems.

Human Error and Disclosure

Granular Permissions

You can set Permissions as to who can view which data quickly, easily, and granularly. Granular permissions help minimise human error and risk:

  • Document control to a group or user level.
  • Colour-coded permissions icons clearly indicate different access levels.
  • Clearly visible permissions across multiple groups.
  • MS Windows style interface with right-click menus.
  • Export permissions to spreadsheet; assists quality control.


Few people realise that human error is a massive contributor to data breaches.

2-step publishing enforces quality control of what is due to be published. QC can be executed by the same person when all is prepared, or even better, by a second person – making sure you have peace of mind that your users get the information they are supposed to get.

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Sync one or more dedicated folders in your SharePoint system with your Imprima data room. All documents in those folders – and all subsequently added documents – will be automatically synced with your Imprima VDR.

As a result, your data security will be ensured: with Imprima's SharePoint link, your data can only end up in your uber-secure Imprima data room.

Smart Redaction & Compliance

Protect your key information and comply with data protection laws (incl. GDPR). AI-powered, multi-lingual redaction of sensitive information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

  • Maximum Security – redactions are burnt into the document for maximum security.
  • GDPR Comliance –  stay compliant with the latest regulation and avoid hefty fines.
  • Confidentiality in M&A – protect strategic information during the transaction.
  • No third-party risk – minimise the need for external providers to have access to confidential data.