AI-Redaction that works in practice

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AI redaction tools are designed to automatically detect and remove sensitive information from documents to ensure data privacy and security. In addition to accurate results, there are several important usability features that are crucial for a tool that will give you return on investment. Here are some key features you should look out for when […]

Unrivalled Customer Service: Going the Extra Mile!

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Customers have more power than ever.  The plethora of organisations competing for business means customers have an abundance of choice, should they become dissatisfied with their current providers. And, studies show that only 1 in 26 customers complain about a bad customer experience – the majority simply leave[1]. At Imprima, we are conscious of our […]

LLM-based AI – how accurate is it

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In our previous post “Should we blindly trust AI?”, we discussed the main benefit of an accurate AI tool for information extraction. And that is that it saves the user time, and not that it takes the human out of the loop. At Imprima we like to be open about how accurate AI can be. […]

How Large Language Models change the game for Due Diligence Reviews

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Technology deep dive (but don’t be put off if you are a non-technical person, we will keep it high-level) Last week we discussed why information extraction and automated document summaries for Due Diligence is a difficult nut to crack. This week we discuss how it can be done, with AI. But not just any AI. […]

The VDR as your AI Due Diligence Hub

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) have transformed the way M&A takes place, providing both security and convenience to the transaction. With the now extensive capabilities VDRs offer, from document management, audit trails, detailed user permissions and Q&A functionality, to advanced reporting, and in some VDRs AI-based redaction, the VDR is an essential element of nearly all […]

The rise of automated tools for Due Diligence

The deluge of data in the last decade The massive increase in data over the past decade has significantly impacted the Due Diligence process in M&A. The volume of data that companies now have related to operations, customers, financials, etc. has exploded. This means more data to collect, process, and analyse during Due Diligence. The […]

Secure Redaction

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AI redaction needs to be accurate (read more), automatic (read more), and easy to use. However, all these features are worthless if you can’t rely on the redaction to be securely implemented. You need to have the confidence that the people viewing the redacted documents can’t see what has been redacted, unless they are permitted. […]

Customised AI-redaction – making sure it redacts what you want redacted

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Last week, we addressed the challenge of achieving perfect accuracy in automated redaction. We emphasised that even with the most advanced technology, perfect recall and precision are not feasible, despite what some vendors may claim. Contrary to the practice of other vendors, we like to be open about our accuracy statistics, and you can read […]

Accuracy of AI-redaction

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In our previous blog post we discussed how advanced AI technology – driven by Large Language Models – can be used for automatic redaction of sensitive information. We mentioned that very high accuracy can be achieved with such technology. In this post we will show that the latter is indeed the case. Recall We already […]

Large Language Models for Automated Redaction

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Technology deep dive (but don’t be put off if you are a non-technical person, we will keep it high-level) Last week we discussed how time limits and the likelihood for error make manual redaction very challenging, and why even automated redaction is a difficult nut to crack, at least with traditional search methods, and “Regular […]

“To Err is Human” – Redaction Challenges

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Time and error Redacting documents can be time-consuming, particularly when dealing with a large volume of documents or complex information. Time pressure can arise due to impending deadlines, or the need to share information quickly while ensuring data privacy. When there isn’t enough time allocated for redaction, there is an increased risk of errors. We’ve […]

Where and when to redact documents

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During M&A Due Diligence, prior to releasing all information to the buy-side, sellers often need to redact certain sensitive information to protect confidential or proprietary data (see part 1 of our series – Why redaction is so important). Even with smaller sized transactions, the redaction process can be a lengthy and painful task which can […]

Smart VDRs – It is all about Accuracy

Last week we shared our blog on Smart VDRs with you. It included some accuracy stats on Smart Summaries, the key Machine Learning tool to extract data points from transaction documentation (such as dates, locations, etc.). Before that we shared the accuracy stats of our Smart Redaction tool. Today we would like to zoom in […]

Smart VDR – a Paradigm Shift

Virtual Data Room (VDR) replaces Physical Data Rooms (2002-2022) 20 years ago, the M&A Due Diligence (DD) process changed fundamentally with the introduction of Virtual Data Rooms. Before then, DD was conducted by designating a separate physical room at the seller’s office, where physical copies of all company documentation pertinent to the DD were made […]

Two quick tips for an efficient management of VDR document titles

When it comes to managing high-value deals, the more productive you can be, the better. Unfortunately, many factors can hinder efficient working. From subpar VDR speed to inefficiently managed communication, to losing time on unnecessary admin while preparing the data room — there’s plenty that can slow your M&A team down.  With the right tools […]

Virtual Data Room Software: The Solution to Secure Business Data Storage and Sharing

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Virtual data room software is used by various businesses and organisations in a range of different situations. Since being first introduced to the market a few decades ago, it has permanently replaced traditional data storage and sharing solutions as companies quickly came to see the benefits it brings. This post will explore what the software […]

Sell-Side Success for M&A professionals

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Virtual data rooms and vendor due diligence have given sellers more control in the M&A process. But with an economic cooldown on the horizon, how can sellers continue to maximise their chances of success? Over the past 15 to 20 years, tools and processes like virtual data rooms (VDRs) and vendor due diligence (VDD) have […]

The Rise of the Mega Deal

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To download the PDF version of this report, please click here. Megadeal activity is robust, but dealmakers working at the top end of the market face unique challenges, both in getting deals over the line and after the close. What are these challenges and how should they be approached? Last year, there were 39 mega […]