Smart Kadaster Summaries

Automated Land Registry Summaries. Say goodbye to manual data extraction from PDF to Excel.


What is Kadaster?

Kadaster Summaries Tool

Kadaster registers and maintains all legal rights concerning property (Land Registry) in the Netherlands. It is used to determine land registration and land use development.

Its data is used in every Real Estate transaction that takes place in the Netherlands; Kadaster themselves estimate that there are 100,000 exchanges of information on its portal, daily. The companies accessing this data are often either legal firms, financial institutions or real estate companies that are working on Dutch Real Estate projects.

The Problem

Companies we work with, want all data they extract to be accurately structured in Excel; to achieve this, companies spend a large portion of time copying data from Kadaster PDFs and manually inputting that data into Excel.

There are 2 steps to this:
1. Matching all Land Registry documents of one asset together
2. Extracting all that information manually and placing it into Excel


The Solution

We’ve built a tool that automates this process. We automatically match all relevant Land Registry documents based on the asset they concern, we build a working excel template to contain all relevant information, we then extract all information from the PDFs and place it within excel.

Automated Kadaster Summaries

Our research shows it takes a human 1 hour to extract and format Land Registry data for 5 assets. If you had a project that involved 100 assets, that’s half a week of work. Imprima Kadaster Summaries seamlessly automates this process.

Download your Land Registry data, drag and drop them into our Kadaster tool and click a button. The tool does the rest. All information of 1 asset, is on one line of data – automatically.

Automated Kadaster-Land Registry Excel export

It’s a very easy platform that allows the control of information by both parties and has a very easy Q&A process that is important in a Due Diligence Stage. 


Your security credentials and track-record gave us the peace of mind that our information was safe and the system was always available, meaning we did not have to worry about delays on the deal.


The excellent data room service was essential to our successful transaction. We will definitely select Imprima as our data room provider in the future.


We really appreciate your flexibility and high-quality service throughout the transaction, especially your quick responses and turnarounds to our requests.

Morgan Stanley

The Imprima VDR platform was always quick and reliable for us and our clients. The team’s ‘hands on’ and client-oriented approach allowed us to lean on them throughout the entire project. The Imprima Service Team responded quickly and precisely at all times and we at Unicredit really appreciated this.”

UniCredit S.p.A.

We used Imprima’s virtual data room service for a privatisation process over a period of almost 12 months. The system was easy to use and we didn’t need any special training to set it up. The management of the documents, the access levels and the questions sent to us from the bidders electronically was straightforward.

Eurobank Equities

Key Features & Benefits


Enhanced Security

A single secure Q&A environment (with a 100% auditable trail for compliance) eliminates the risks of unreliable emails and messy spreadsheets.


Greater Efficiency

Losing track of multiple spreadsheets circulated by email? Remove the deal’s bottlenecks by accessing up-to-date Q&A information in real-time.


Improved Collaboration

Workflow-your-way approach, automation tools and intuitive user interface make it easy to collaborate and track the deal’s progress.

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With ever-increasing amounts of data needing to be analysed in an ever-decreasing amount of time, Imprima delivers much needed efficiency gains.