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Virtual Data Rooms for Real Estate

Advanced VDR software for all real estate transactions: asset management, raising capital and asset sale

Imprima’s Virtual Data Rooms for Real Estate provides your teams with a highly-secure, browser-based Virtual Data Room platform, designed to support the full spectrum of real estate transactions from initial raising of capital, through to multiple asset management transactions. Imprima has established the market leading pre-data room service, Imprima’s Asset Life Cycle Management VDR software collaborates directly with property managers to source, review and structure all data and archived documentation before digitalisation and storage in an Virtual Data Room. Imprima’s Asset Lifecycle Management VDR platform is addressing a critical gap in the buy-hold-sell cycle by enabling your residential or commercial property to be market-ready at any given time:

  • With any real estate asset you can immediately and seamlessly bulk upload all documents to your dedicated Asset Lifecycle Management platform. Ensuring that all relevant data, such as occupancy, rental income, property taxes, utilities maintenance inventory, lease agreements, can be registered and maintained within a single integrated virtual data room database.
  • A central digital virtual data room platform ensures effective collaboration between facility, property and asset managers, and their legal advisors.
  • All data in the virtual data room is indexed so that any asset-related documentation is easy to maintain and update, making you ready for due diligence in real estate transactions at any given time.

Use our bespoke design and service to create your company branded internal VDR platform

Imprimas’s Virtual Data Room for Real Estate is fully customisable, allowing full branding of the VDR platform with your own (or your clients’) corporate logos, colours, and property images giving a sophisticated, bespoke look and feel.

If you get stuck or short of time – let our 24/7 multi-lingual support team help you with your real estate transaction.

  • 24/7 multi-lingual support makes international real estate transactions easy to manage and the Q&A functionality ensures questions raised can be responded to quickly.
  • Full traceability at every stage of your real estate deal ensures you have a good understanding of the needs of all parties, and granular access controls mean documents are only viewed and amended by those that have permission within your virtual data room.

Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

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