Smart Index

Automatically categorise your documents within your VDR.

The Challenge

Traditional data room structuring challenges:

  • big volumes of data must be structured quickly.
  • repetitive and tedious tasks.
  • manual process is error prone.

The Solution

The AI-powered Smart Index automatically categorises and structures your data room documents:

  • save at least 90% of the time.
  • removes the tedium of repetitive data sorting.
  • greatly mitigate human error.

How does Smart Index work?

There are 2 ways you can use AI-powered auto-structuring technology to structure your data room.

1. Using existing index as a guide

As the one in charge of your Virtual Data Room, you may use a standard index for most of your VDRs.

Based on just one reference VDR, the AI then decides the categories of the documents uploaded automatically and generates the corresponding index and folder structure.


2. Structuring your data room from scratch

If you don’t (always) work with a standard index, Smart Index will be trained as part of an interactive and iterative structuring process.

You need to structure less than 20% of your documents and the machine learning tool builds out the remainder of your dataset. The tool learns what you are doing and structures the rest!

Key Features and Benefits



Maximises time saving over 90% time saving can be achieved



The more you use the tool, the more accurate it becomes.



Optimal consistency of VDR structuring as Machine Learning removes subjectivity.

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