AI-Powered Contract Review

Redefine what is possible for speed and accuracy of contract and document review.


How to fix due diligence

Speed and accuracy are two cornerstones of a successful due diligence process.

The Challenge

Traditional due diligence inefficiencies:

  • manually review 100% of documentation
  • only between 50% and 85% of what humans are looking for is found
  • time pressure to complete the review as quickly as possible

Working against the clock in a high-stakes environment increases the likelihood of making a costly mistake.


The Solution

Smart Review is an AI-powered due diligence software that helps you identify the necessary documents that you need to review and contracts containing specific issues:

  • manually review a mere 10% of all documentation to find upwards of 95% of what you’re looking for.
  • machine Learning does the rest for you.
  • the more you use the tool, the better it becomes

Combine this with the fact that you can get started instantly and it becomes clear how Smart Review is revolutionising due diligence.

How does Smart Review work?

You just enter any query to start the system off. Your query could be in the form of a few simple keywords, or an entire paragraph or clause (just one example will suffice!). The AI will then interpret what it is that you’re looking for and start producing the documents or clauses you need to review.

Ready to get started?

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Key Features & Benefits

Find any documents and contracts in minutes

Imprima Smart Review brings more clarity into your contracts, making it easy to get a quick picture of contract terms. Rapidly spot any red flags or review LIBOR dependencies by saving 90% of your time.

Automatically categorise your documents

Once you upload your documents into the system, Smart Review will automatically assign the categories to make it easier for you to understand the data.

Powerful semantic search

Find semantically similar search terms, paragraphs, or clauses within your documents. Smart Review will be showing most similar fragments of text at the top of the list.


Finding Information: What Does it Cost, What Does it Take?

Language independent

Imprima’s contract review is fully flexible: it works in any language or jurisdiction. Unlike as with other AI tools, there is no need to train the AI as the algorithms learn from the way you work.

Fully integrated with a VDR

Smart Review is fully integrated with Imprima Virtual Data Room, eliminating the disruptive data exchange between different systems.

Smart Review Use Cases


Due Diligence

Save at least 90% of your time by inspecting only a small fraction of your data set.


Contract Management

Find and review documents and contracts on the fly, whenever you need it.



Easily find and review LIBOR dependencies by checking your contract terms for "Fallback" clauses.