Smart Redaction & Smart Compliance

Protect your key information and comply with data protection laws (incl. GDPR).
AI-powered, multi-lingual redaction of sensitive information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Imprima Smart Redaction works out of the box, with no “training” required. In virtually any language, including German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian. Just hit the button, and it does the job, with over 95% accuracy, more accurate than manual redaction.

All this is the result of years of dedicated research at Imprima, making use of the latest deep learning technology: AI that works in real life!

The problem with manual redaction

Manual redaction is not an option

Today, the process of redacting sensitive Information is an increasing burden for many organisations. Current manual processes are:

  • Time-consuming and very expensive
  • Inefficient and error-prone
The Solution - Smart Redaction

Imprima Smart Redaction is a truly unique AI-powered tool set. It helps you identify and anonymise sensitive information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII):

  • As it is truly a fully automated process you will benefit from time and cost savings of at least 90%
  • You will achieve that with even higher accuracy compared to manual review:
    • PII that is buried deep down in the text is uncovered by Imprima Smart Compliance as easily as PII listed on the first page
  • Ensure compliance to both external regulations (e.g. GDPR) and internal privacy policies
  • Is fully integrated within the Virtual Data Room – no need for critical PII to go back and forth between multiple systems

How is it different?



Save at least 90% of your time redacting PII



Get the most accurate PII redaction results



Anonymise PII in any alphabet-based language

Redact in any language

Imprima's unique algorithms simultaneously make use of all trained data in all languages: German, English, Dutch. Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and many more, making Imprima Smart Redaction the most comprehensive and accurate tool to protect sensitive information in the market.

The most accurate PII redaction

Smart Redaction delivers a fully automated, highly accurate anonymisation of PII items. We ran numerous tests, and saw very good results. In one test, names, dates of births, addresses, emails, telephone numbers were all found with over 95% accuracy, and individual's names with even higher accuracy: 99%!

In practice, that is significantly more accurate than manual redaction.

What does that mean for you?

Humans can easily find items to be redacted that are in predictable document sections (e.g., parties of a contract, or tables with names and addresses), but it is much harder to manually spot such items buried deep in the text.

Imprima’s AI-powered technology, on the other hand can process hundreds of pages in seconds, to accurately identify PII items, regardless of where they are placed in the text.

Smart Compliance

Keep track of what is redacted

Of course, you want to see what has been automatically redacted. That is easy: You can see what is “under” the redactions by hovering over them, or you can just switch all redactions to be semi-transparent.

Maximum security

For buy-side users, on the other hand, the redactions are never transparent: In the buy-side (“published”) version of the document, the redactions are “burnt” into the document, for maximum security. Note that Imprima is one of the very few VDRs that have this publishing concept, as security is always front of mind at Imprima.

Flexible Redaction

Automatic redaction is great for the standard items, but there may be additional items you want to redact. Of course, you can do that too with Imprima Smart Redaction.

You can manually redact full pages, paragraphs or even a single letter. You can search for a term, and then have all instances redacted. In other words, maximum flexibility.

  • Search based redaction, and/or;
  • Any manually selected text, and/or:
  • Images, and/or;
  • Entire page(s)
White Listing
Sometimes there are terms that you don’t want redacted. For instance, you may want to redact all company names, except some: You may want to redact all tenants in a lease agreement, but not the landlord.

You will be able to do with Imprima Smart Redaction as well. You can create a list of terms you don’t want redacted, and the Smart Redaction algorithms will make sure that those terms remain unredacted.

Again, all the flexibility you may need!

Key Use Cases

GDPR Compliance
  • Reduce the regulatory burden, without lowering standards.
  • Stay compliant with the latest regulation and avoid hefty fines.
Confidentiality in M&A

Protect strategic information during the transaction until it is the right time to disclose:

  • Customer lists
  • HR information – names of the key staff