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Finding Information: What Does it Cost, What Does it Take?

April 30, 2021
The time pressure is especially high during the due diligence stage which increases the likelihood of missing certain information. That is where Machine Learning (ML) comes in. This whitepaper explains why NLP approaches to unstructured data (documents) are so effective.
Ai Legal Tablet
November 18, 2020
With the introduction of artificial intelligence to the legal sector over the past few years, this technology has been gradually changing the way that legal due diligence is conducted.
August 20, 2020
Law firms and in-house legal teams they all share the same concern: repetitive manual work diminishes productivity and decreases job satisfaction. So, how are law firms and legal teams tackling the challenge? There is a clear need for AI.

Case Studies

Imprima AI
The Real Estate division of a leading European law firm used Imprima AI tools to review and abstract over 60 commercial leases.
Custom VDR
Imprima was chosen to enable the Government to share the hybrid High Speed Rail Bill for Phase One of HS2 (London – West Midlands) with...
Custom VDR
Capital Value needed a customised platform to showcase their property portfolios, allowing them to present a professional, branded interface to their clients and bidders.