Spend more time working your deal, not your VDR.

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Our revamped UI makes it quicker and easier to manage your deal.

When you invest in a Virtual Data Room, you do so because you want to streamline the due diligence process. To streamline a process means boosting efficiencies and effectiveness, so how do you do that? You focus on ease of use.

Your Virtual Data Room needs to be intuitive, straightforward and simple. When you combine these principles with an all-encompassing security wrap and round the clock support, you have a Virtual Data Room service that helps take deals to market faster and close them quicker. This is exactly what we do at Imprima.

Imprima helps M&A and Real Estate professionals streamline their due diligence & asset management processes. As part of our drive to continuously increase the ease with which transactions are managed via a Virtual Data Room, we’ve revamped our user interface.

What does this User Interface revamp mean for M&A and Real Estate professionals?

Tom Horsman – Head of Product,

“We want customers to spend their time working the deal, not the Virtual Data Room. It may sound strange, but the less our users need to think about how to use our product, the better. I want our users to spend their time focussing on deals, not how to use the Virtual Data Room. It’s this belief that’s behind our drive to eradicate the need for training. Without the need for training, customers can get deals to market faster and bidders can access everything they need to, as quickly and as hassle-free as possible”.

“We’ve combined our new UI’s ease of use with access to strategy defining intelligence; this means we can show deal managers who the most engaged bidders are based on their time spent in the Virtual Data Room and what exactly they’re looking at. We’re also making it easier than ever for potential bidders to get what they need through our industry leading Q&A tool.”

This UI revamp provides a simple yet sophisticated Virtual Data Room that helps you get deals to market faster and manage them more effectively. Contact us to see it in action and get set up for your next project.

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