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Who would have thought creating a virtual data room from scratch would be that easy? 

It’s the same story each time. Whenever you begin setting up a data room, a huge proportion of your time must be dedicated to structuring and organising large amounts of documentation. As this process is usually performed within time constraints, it can be prone to error as it involves mainly repetitive tasks – a matter that might become frustrating when you want to keep your eyes on the prize.  

 So, at Imprima, we’ve created an AI due diligence product to help you accelerate the monotony of structuring and indexing a data room – Imprima Smart Index which utilises AI document classification.

Automatically structure and organise documents in your VDR

Imprima Smart Index empowers dealmakers to: 

  1. Structure a VDR from scratch based on the desired index  
    • Save as much as 80% of your time 
    • Assign documents against the predefined index and train the model/AI  
    • AI will learn as you work and begin to position documents on your behalf upon request 
  2. Structuring a VDR based on a template room 
    • Save as much as 90% of your time 
    • AI-based “Prediction Model” is trained in an existing manually structured or dedicated training room.  
    • Prediction Model automatically structures all new rooms. 

Structuring a Data Room Has Never Been Quicker 

As a pioneer of the industry providing highly secure virtual data rooms since 2001, we are revolutionising the Due Diligence process, by automating processes such as structuring VDRs using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our AI platform will automatically assign a document category upon upload with categories being allocated against a predefined index, unique to your process. What’s more, AI creates the folders where documents have been identified and move the documents automatically. The best thing about it, you’re not alone. Our service team can assist with the index creation and initial training. 

Smart Index in Action: Structure Your Data Room Demo

Get ready for your next deal by viewing a live Smart Index demo; witness yourself the amount of time you can save and the increased capacity to focus on multiple deals.

Be up and running in a fraction of the time.

You can request a demo here or email us: customersuccess@imprima.com 

Find out more about Imprima’s AI-driven software for Due Diligence:

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