Real-time reporting separates the serious VDR players from the casual dabblers

London, [20th November 2017] – When it comes to managing a business deal, those without access to real-time data struggle to make informed decisions to choose the right partners and progress to deal resolution. Global provider of virtual data room technology, Imprima, urges financial and legal advisors to consider the impact of poor analysis is having on the progression of deals.

With its enhanced reporting capabilities and dashboard displaying multiple reports, the new version of Imprima’s flagship Virtual Data Room system, will allow deal managers for M&A, insolvency and IPOs to gain a deeper understanding into how each party involved in the deal is engaging with the documents in the data room.

With the ability to drill further down into data, those managing the deal, such as financial and legal advisors, can gain the insight on how the deal is being perceived by the potential buyers. It is this level of intelligence that can help advisors provide more insightful and accurate feedback to push the deal through.

Virtual data rooms play a vital role when it comes to managing data during large-scale business deals. Those who are managing the deal need a system that is not only insightful but easy and quick to set up so they can focus their time on converting the deal as quickly and accurately as possible”, explains Tom Horsman, Head of Technology at Imprima.

Being able to access all the data in dashboard format enables deal managers to remove, replace and update reports all in real-time, ensuring that they remain the most informed party involved in the management of the deal. Having the capability to share these dashboards across various  data rooms that they are managing, is key to helping them save time and set up new data rooms quickly and efficiently. This is especially pertinent for deal managers managing multiple deals, for example in Real Estate. The data can also be displayed visually in a ‘heatmap’ style to show what documents buyers are viewing most and helping deal managers understand which documents are most useful.

About Imprima

Imprima is a global provider of virtual data room technology that supports heavy-weight corporates, financial institutions and energy specialists to provide them with the most secure data room, technology in the industry, easing the process of managing data during large-scale business deals.

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