Streamlining access and upload for lengthy M&A deals

London, [6th November 2017] – Ensuring that technology is a time-saver, rather than a hindrance, in high-stakes M&A deals, Imprima has announced a bulk upload feature that doesn’t require any plug-ins or additional software.

Mergers and acquisitions are a drawn-out, complicated process. From a virtual data room perspective, the sheer scale of a complicated deal involves an enormous number of files and folders, so bulk upload is a basic requirement. The true frustration comes when deal managers attempt to upload large folder and document structures of more than 5GB at one time and the software is not compatible.

Imprima VDR’s new bulk upload tool does not require administrative rights for installation. Users are also not required to run Java, .NET, or ActiveX to function, allowing them to bypass any security issues faced when operating a bulk upload.

“Imprima understands that time is of the essence during a crucial deal. The new and improved bulk upload functionality is OS and Browser agnostic, another important step towards making modern mergers and acquisitions as painless and streamlined as possible,” said Tom Horsman, Head of Technology at Imprima.

M&A deals inevitably involve reams of confidential documents. Taking into account the pressure points of some of Imprima’s most high-profile customers, the bulk upload tool is built with security in mind, no matter which Internet browser your business chooses to use for uploads.

About Imprima
Imprima is a global provider of virtual data room technology that supports heavy-weight corporates, financial institutions, and energy specialists to provide them with the most secure data room technology in the industry, easing the process of managing data during large-scale business deals. For more information visit:

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