“To Err is Human” – Redaction Challenges

Time and error Redacting documents can be time-consuming, particularly when dealing with a large volume of documents or complex information. Time pressure can arise due to impending deadlines, or the need to share information quickly while ensuring data privacy. When there isn’t enough time allocated for redaction, there is an increased risk of errors. We’ve […]

Where and when to redact documents

During M&A Due Diligence, prior to releasing all information to the buy-side, sellers often need to redact certain sensitive information to protect confidential or proprietary data (see part 1 of our series – Why redaction is so important). Even with smaller sized transactions, the redaction process can be a lengthy and painful task which can […]

Why redaction is so important

Redaction plays a crucial role in due diligence by protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. By effectively redacting sensitive information, the due diligence process can proceed smoothly and securely, enabling mitigation of potential risks. The importance of redaction during due diligence CONFIDENTIALITYMultiple parties such as potential investors, acquirers, or legal advisors may […]

Automated Contract Summaries for Corporates

How Imprima’s Smart Summaries Tool is Revolutionising Corporate Deal Making Are you tired of spending hours poring over legal documents and contracts during corporate deal making? Imprima has the solution: Smart Summaries, our cutting-edge AI-powered tool that creates automated contract summaries so you can analyse and summarise legal documents and contracts quickly and accurately. Smart […]

Smart Compliance – the latest AI-based innovation from Imprima

Why PII redaction is difficult (until now!) Redacting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a necessity nowadays, to be GDPR compliant, and to protect Personal Data in an M&A setting. Redacting PII data seems like a simple task, and one that one would think could be easily automated with software that makes use of a combination […]

Discovering Information: What Does it Cost, What Does it Take?

Finding Information whitepaper

By Pieter van der Made (Executive Chairman) and Jeroen de Knijf (Senior Data Scientist) at Imprima Introduction Do you feel you are wasting a lot of time looking for information and documentation? Well, you are not alone. According to McKinsey, ’employees spend 1.8 hours every day – 9.3 hours per week, on average – searching […]

What is the Due Diligence Process in Real Estate Transactions

Due Diligence Checklist

Real estate is a complex universe of a lot of unknowns and a quickly evolving marketplace. With a per deal size of a real estate transaction running easily into 6-digits or beyond, it is essential to be privy to crucial details that may not be readily apparent when purchasing a property. Such hidden details can […]

Importance of Virtual Data Rooms in M&A Transactions

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M&A transactions are one of the most investigative transactions undertaken by a company throughout its lifespan. The degree of scrutiny and the sheer number of voluminous documents involved in an M&A transaction makes for a very communicative as well as a collaborative exercise. To provide a common yet secure platform for participants to facilitate the […]

Expert panel: How AI is changing legal due diligence

Ai In Dd Preview Blog

Fears that artificial intelligence technology would automate professional jobs and create mass redundancies swept through the legal sector a few years ago – as it did through many professional services industries. While those fears have proved unfounded, AI technology is beginning to change how legal due diligence is conducted. Today, the use of artificial intelligence […]

Due Diligence Checklist for Virtual Data Room Preparation

Due Diligence Checklist

M&A is an extensively detailed, time-consuming, and relatively long process requiring multiple exchanges of documents (and their copies) between parties. Given the difficulties posed in organising copious amounts of data accurately and efficiently, virtual data rooms (VDR) have become an industry norm. The Smart Index, AI-powered software, developed by Imprima, automates categorisation and structuring of documents in […]

1..2..3…Pow! Your new VDR is ready in the blink of an eye!

Smart Index Graphic Blog

Who would have thought creating a virtual data room from scratch would be that easy?  It’s the same story each time. Whenever you begin setting up a data room, a huge proportion of your time must be dedicated to structuring and organising large amounts of documentation. As this process is usually performed within time constraints, it can be prone to error as it involves mainly repetitive tasks – a matter […]

What is Vendor Due Diligence?

Vendor Due Diligence for Business VDR

We have spoken before on what you should look for when deciding on a virtual data room. But before you get to that stage of a deal, whether you’re in M&A, Corporate Finance, Real Estate, Legal, or Capital Raising, how do you ensure your most sensitive documents and data are in order? Vendor due diligence […]

Sell-Side Success for M&A professionals

sell side success for m&a whiitepaper

Virtual data rooms and vendor due diligence have given sellers more control in the M&A process. But with an economic cooldown on the horizon, how can sellers continue to maximise their chances of success? Over the past 15 to 20 years, tools and processes like virtual data rooms (VDRs) and vendor due diligence (VDD) have […]

The Rise of the Mega Deal

Annotation 2019 10 21 125712

To download the PDF version of this report, please click here. Megadeal activity is robust, but dealmakers working at the top end of the market face unique challenges, both in getting deals over the line and after the close. What are these challenges and how should they be approached? Last year, there were 39 mega […]

What is Due Diligence?

business in finance conducting due diligence

Due diligence is the vital audit or investigation of a potential investment and is a key component within M&A. While mergers and acquisitions have been around since the advent of businesses, a formal legal procedure didn’t come into effect until the United States Securities Act of 1933. The legislation was put in place to protect […]

European and Global M&A H1, 2019 Review

EU and Global M&A meeting, 2019

This article provides the key takeaways from the Global & Regional Merger and Acquisition report (published by Mergermarket) for H1, 2019. In 1H19, the deal value is down 11% on 1H18 but up 17% on 2H18. In this period, 8,201 transactions were made, amounting to $1.80tn worth of deals. When you dig deeper, you see […]