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At Imprima, we know that streamlining collaboration and knowledge-sharing is a time-critical and key part of the engagement process with investors and sell-side professionals alike. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge Q&A tools that go beyond just providing a centralized hub for asking and answering questions. Our platform offers clever features designed to enhance productivity and efficiency across your teams.

One simple and often overlooked feature is the batch download of questions to Excel.

This enables the sell-side to allocate the questions to individuals for offline answering, and once completed, the file can easily be reuploaded back into the platform with just a click.

Question and Answer - download Excel template
Question and Answer – download to Excel

Why is this important?

We understand that some key individuals, including business owners, may be hesitant to log in and answer the questions online. The Excel batch download workflow addresses this challenge head-on, providing advisors with the flexibility they need to make their lives easier and speed up the process. Plus, having all questions and answers in a familiar Excel template offers a better overview of the entire Q&A landscape.

With Imprima, you can rest assured that all the details of your transaction will be securely stored in the VDR. No more lost data, questions and answers sitting in people emails, or scattered information across different drives! Imprima’s Q&A tools ensure that there is no loss of the general process overview and what’s more, the archive for the SPA will contain all the details of the transaction from the winning bidder’s perspective.

At Imprima, we pride ourselves in offering intuitive problem solving capabilities and enhanced Q&A tools that empower our clients to experience seamless knowledge exchange and accelerated problem solving. Our innovative Q&A solution is designed to make your life easier and your transactions more efficient.

Experience the difference for yourself. Choose Imprima for your next engagement.

Are you looking for a VDR with fully integrated AI features and the best Q&A tool available? Speak to our sales team or check out our Q&A page for more info.

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