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The UK experienced a slow M&A Market in 2023. “This was down to a myriad of much-publicised economic challenges – not least soaring inflation, increased interest rates and geopolitical turbulence – which impacted business confidence.

Despite these challenges, the UK has remained “remarkably robust – if fragile”. In fact, in Bayes Business School’s “M&A Attractiveness Index”, the UK “remained the most attractive destination in Europe for inbound and domestic mergers and acquisitions (M&A) investment and ranked only behind the United States and Singapore globally.

As global firms increasingly target UK businesses, the need for robust communication and virtual documentation processes has become more crucial than ever. One essential aspect of this process is the efficient translation of documents, facilitated by advanced AI-driven translation tools within Virtual Data Rooms.

The Growing need for in-VDR translation tools

Increasing International Activity: The UK has become a hotspot for M&A activity, with a notable rise in deals involving international buyers. According to City A.M., the UK saw an 88% increase in M&A activity in 2024, “making it the second most targeted nation for mergers and acquisitions globally, behind only the US, as deals in the country have surged to $76.1bn (£60.2bn) so far in 2024.

This international interest spans various sectors, necessitating clear and accurate communication across different languages and legal frameworks. Rickitt Mitchell & Partners Limited notes “Overseas buyers play a central role in the vast majority of processes we lead, with around half of the transactions we’ve successfully delivered in recent years ultimately being with foreign players either Europe, North America and Asia.

Benefits of an integrated VDR Translation tool

  1. Enabling a Global Approach to M&A Strategy: Casting the net wider to include international buyers increases the chances of finding the right buyer by tapping into a larger pool of potential investors. Whilst not without challenges, expanding the search to global buyers can attract firms that are not only financially robust but also strategically aligned with the target company’s vision and objectives. Engaging international buyers can be a game-changer in finding the most suitable and beneficial acquisition partner. Utilising in-VDR translation tools enables this global approach to M&A strategy, ensuring that bidders from all over the world can review the documentation.

  2. Tackling the Complexity of Cross-Border Transactions: Cross-border M&A transactions are inherently complex, involving multiple jurisdictions, legal systems, and languages. Accurate translation of documents is vital to ensure all parties have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions.

  3. Increasing Efficiency and Security: Integrating translation tools within VDRs streamlines the M&A process by eliminating the need for external translation services. This not only saves time but also reduces costs. Additionally, these tools ensure that sensitive documents remain secure within the VDR environment, protecting them from unauthorised access.

Imprima Smart Translation

Smart Translation offers the most comprehensive in-VDR translation tool. Our state-of-the-art tool can accurately and instantly translate a document from any language, into any language. Whatever your multilingual needs, Imprima’s Smart Translation tool has you covered like never before. With 135 languages supported, no longer will you be lost in translation. But here’s where Smart Translation really shines: we keep your sensitive data secure and the tool sits within the VDR, exactly where you need it to be.

There’s no need to upload files to external websites or applications; all translation happens conveniently and securely within Imprima’s virtual data room environment.

Don’t let language be a barrier – break through and accelerate your global deals with Smart Translation.


There is currently a huge amount of opportunity within the UK M&A deal market for UK and international acquirers”. As M&A activities continue to grow, leveraging advanced tools like Smart Translation can significantly enhance the efficiency and success of these transactions.

For more insights and to see how our tools can benefit your M&A processes, contact our Sales Team.

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