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AI redaction tools are designed to automatically detect and remove sensitive information from documents to ensure data privacy and security. In addition to accurate results, there are several important usability features that are crucial for a tool that will give you return on investment.

Here are some key features you should look out for when considering investing in an AI redaction tool:

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1. Automation and Bulk actions
Look for tools that offer out-of-the-box functionality. Tools that can automatically identify types of sensitive information such as names, contact details, addresses etc can save you countless amounts of time, especially when you can bulk redact information from entire folders.


2. Redaction Previews
Opt for tools where you as the Deal Manager can view a preview of the redacted text, allowing you to double check any information that has been redacted and make any necessary changes.

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3. User-friendly interface
Choose a tool which is built-into the area you most need it, so that you don’t have to transfer documents outside of a secure file storage system and create extra work for you or your team. Functionality should be intuitive with as few clicks required as possible.

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4. Flexible options
For some projects you might have a list of terms that you want redacted, and for other projects the requirements might not be so well defined. Look for a tool that can cater to different ways of working, whether that’s being able to upload a list of terms to be redacted or a list of terms to be excluded from the redactions, as well as the option to search for a term within a document and redact and create lists on the fly.

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5. Quick and Simple release of information
Lastly, if you need to release information at a later stage in the project, or simply undo some redactions you’ve made, is there a quick and easy way you can do this? Look for a tool that allows you to remove redactions at the click of a button.

Imprima’s AI redaction tool offers a convenient and efficient solution for redacting sensitive information from documents with features that simplify the redaction process and enhance user experience.

Are you looking for a VDR with fully integrated redaction software which leverages AI? Speak to our sales team or check out our Smart Redaction page here.

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