Customised AI-redaction – making sure it redacts what you want redacted

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Last week, we addressed the challenge of achieving perfect accuracy in automated redaction. We emphasised that even with the most advanced technology, perfect recall and precision are not feasible, despite what some vendors may claim. Contrary to the practice of other vendors, we like to be open about our accuracy statistics, and you can read more on this in one of our earlier blogs. Furthermore, even if perfect accuracy were attainable there would still be exceptions that require customisation, for example, excluding specific information from being redacted, such as your own company name.

To effectively address these challenges, the technology must possess the flexibility to adapt to the unique requirements of each deal. At Imprima, we have designed our user interface (UI) with this in mind. In this post, we will explain how our solution enables users to quickly remove unnecessary redactions.

Excluding items that don’t need to be redacted – document-level

To provide document-level flexibility, our Smart Redaction solution allows users to select or deselect terms that they want to be redacted. Within the document panel, users can view all the items automatically redacted by our advanced LLM-based technology, such as company names, person names, monetary values etc. From there, users can review and choose which items to keep or remove from the redaction process. This feature not only offers visibility into the document’s contents but also grants users complete control over the redaction process.

Choose which PII items to keep or remove

Excluding items that don’t need to be redacted – in bulk

To cater to flexibility applied to a larger number of documents, we offer the Exclusions Lists capability. This feature enables users to add exceptions to the redaction rule. For example, if users want to redact all company names except their own, they can add their company name to the exclusions list. By doing so, all company names except the ones on the exclusions list will be redacted. Users have the option to apply these exclusions to a single document, specific folders, or the entire data room.

Exclude specific list items
Users can conveniently upload a list of excluded terms before starting the review or, if they come across something in the document that needs to be excluded, add it to the list directly from within the document viewer.

Quick release of previously redacted information

When users need to release previously redacted information swiftly, e.g. in a later stage of DD or in a clean room, our solution allows them to remove all redactions in one go. This includes both the auto-redacted items, as well as any manual redactions. This convenient mechanism saves time and avoids human error.

Remove all redactions quickly

Conclusion: Imprima Smart Redaction – the solution you need

We understand that identifying all potentially sensitive information is the main objective of redaction, but it is not the whole solution.. Imprima Smart Redaction offers not only superior accuracy, but also the ability to make necessary adjustments, saving users valuable time while ensuring complete control over any nuances that may arise during the deal. These enhanced usability tools, combined with sophisticated LLM algorithms, empower users to confidently complete their deals.

Stay tuned for next week’s article, where we will discuss additional tools that further enhance time-saving and streamline the redaction exercise.

Are you looking for a VDR with fully integrated redaction software which leverages AI? Speak to our sales team or check out our Smart Redaction page here.

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