Flexible Q&A processes

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At Imprima, we know that streamlining collaboration and knowledge-sharing is a time-critical and key part of the engagement process with investors and sell-side professionals alike. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge Q&A tools that go beyond just providing a centralized hub for asking and answering questions. Our platform offers clever features designed to enhance productivity and […]

Unrivalled Customer Service: Going the Extra Mile!

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Customers have more power than ever.  The plethora of organisations competing for business means customers have an abundance of choice, should they become dissatisfied with their current providers. And, studies show that only 1 in 26 customers complain about a bad customer experience – the majority simply leave[1]. At Imprima, we are conscious of our […]

Accuracy of AI-redaction

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In our previous blog post we discussed how advanced AI technology – driven by Large Language Models – can be used for automatic redaction of sensitive information. We mentioned that very high accuracy can be achieved with such technology. In this post we will show that the latter is indeed the case. Recall We already […]

Virtual Data Room Software: The Solution to Secure Business Data Storage and Sharing

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Virtual data room software is used by various businesses and organisations in a range of different situations. Since being first introduced to the market a few decades ago, it has permanently replaced traditional data storage and sharing solutions as companies quickly came to see the benefits it brings. This post will explore what the software […]

Importance of Virtual Data Rooms in M&A Transactions

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M&A transactions are one of the most investigative transactions undertaken by a company throughout its lifespan. The degree of scrutiny and the sheer number of voluminous documents involved in an M&A transaction makes for a very communicative as well as a collaborative exercise. To provide a common yet secure platform for participants to facilitate the […]

1..2..3…Pow! Your new VDR is ready in the blink of an eye!

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Who would have thought creating a virtual data room from scratch would be that easy?  It’s the same story each time. Whenever you begin setting up a data room, a huge proportion of your time must be dedicated to structuring and organising large amounts of documentation. As this process is usually performed within time constraints, it can be prone to error as it involves mainly repetitive tasks – a matter […]

What is Vendor Due Diligence?

Vendor Due Diligence for Business VDR

We have spoken before on what you should look for when deciding on a virtual data room. But before you get to that stage of a deal, whether you’re in M&A, Corporate Finance, Real Estate, Legal, or Capital Raising, how do you ensure your most sensitive documents and data are in order? Vendor due diligence […]

Redaction doesn’t have to be a distraction

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What’s repetitive and laborious (and quite boring), but critical to the deal-making process? Redaction. Those involved in M&A dealmaking, Real Estate, or Capital Raising, will only know this too well.  The protection of personal & private information is of increasing importance within the deal making and so many rides on getting it right. It seems cruel that something that can be so critical to deal-making is equally as tiresome to the individuals partaking. Its repetitive […]

A Note to our Customers: COVID-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting families, communities, and businesses across all industries. The situation is unprecedented, and so firstly our thoughts are with those impacted by the virus; it’s people’s health and wellbeing that’s most important. Secondly, we felt it’s important to update our customers on the steps we’ve taken at Imprima to ensure we […]

What To Look For When Deciding On A Virtual Data Room

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What is a Virtual Data Room? A Virtual Data Room is a digital solution that has replaced the traditional, highly secure physical rooms which were used for the storage and perusal of valuable and sensitive documents. These physical rooms were first implemented in the 1800s by businesses undergoing mergers and acquisitions and were giant, imposing […]

History of Virtual Data Rooms

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What is a Data Room? Virtual Data Rooms can be used for a variety of vital tasks, but at their core, they’re highly secure, collaborative, and easy to use locations used by businesses and organisations to conduct high-stakes transactions, review legal documentation and maintain critical data. Typically, Virtual Data Rooms, are used for M&A, real […]

What is Due Diligence?

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Due diligence is the vital audit or investigation of a potential investment and is a key component within M&A. While mergers and acquisitions have been around since the advent of businesses, a formal legal procedure didn’t come into effect until the United States Securities Act of 1933. The legislation was put in place to protect […]

Virtual Data Rooms vs Cloud Storage Systems

Virtual Data Rooms Vs Cloud Storage

Written by: Amir Khan Before the arguments start for and against using cloud storage or a Virtual Data Room for your due diligence process, let’s discuss the big fat elephant in the room. Imprima is the leading provider of virtual data rooms.   Even though that is the case, I am not going to end […]

5 Ways To Get More From A Virtual Data Room

5 Ways To Get More From A Virtual Dataroom

Stefan Beishuizen – Regional Sales Director Benelux  [TL:DR] version: Data rooms can significantly reduce time and effort spent on real estate transactions, M&A Due Diligence, and all kinds of other projects in which large sensitive data sets need to be shared. Find out how below: In recent years the use of a virtual data room […]

Virtual Data Rooms: Close Deals Faster

close Deals Faster with Imprima Virtual Data Room

When documents and data needs to be shared securely between organisations or with clients, a virtual data room is the fastest and most affordable means of accomplishing your company’s goals. The concept and use of data rooms has been around since long before the internet, so how does a virtual data room actually work? Physical […]

VDR Providers Explained

Virtual Data room providers

Virtual data room providers offer key cloud services for all sorts of businesses today. VDRs Often referred to simply as VDRs, virtual data room providers offer an online resource for storing files, documents and all other sorts of data off-site. Rather than an individual or company having to store all of its own data in […]