Redaction doesn’t have to be a distraction

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What’s repetitive and laborious (and quite boring), but critical to the deal-making process?

Redaction. Those involved in M&A dealmaking, Real Estate, or Capital Raising, will only know this too well. 

The protection of personal & private information is of increasing importance within the deal making and so many rides on getting it right. It seems cruel that something that can be so critical to deal-making is equally as tiresome to the individuals partaking. Its repetitive and time-consuming nature can distract dealmakers from some of the more strategic elements of a deal. 

At Imprima, we decided enough was enough – we wanted to create a way for those working in M&A, Real Estate, or Capital Raising to speed up their redaction process whilst also improving accuracy. We achieved this with Smart Redaction.

Automated Redaction, Within Your Data Room

Imprima Smart Redaction empowers dealmakers to:

  • Redact within the data room
  • Automate redaction using:
    • pre-loaded regular expressions
    • custom regular expressions
    • specified lists of search terms
  • Manually redact, within any document via:
    • highlighted searches
    • selected text
    • drawn areas
    • entire pages

Data Room Redaction Has Never Been This Simple or Powerful

The technology is secure in that end-users simply see redactions, but your admins can still search and reveal underlying text.

No more distractions – it quickens the process because you can apply automated redaction to entire rooms in one action. Its flexible nature means you choose to redact full pages, paragraphs, or even a single letter. This empowers you to remain compliant despite ever-evolving regulations.

Redaction in Action: Data Room Redaction Demo

Get ready for your next deal by viewing a live Smart Redaction demo; witness how efficient and effective its automated capabilities are.

Redaction no longer has to be a distraction – execute in a fraction of the time. You can request a demo here or email us at

Find out more about Imprima’s AI-driven software for Due Diligence:

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