The Power of AI-assisted VDR structuring

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Before any Due Diligence can happen, the data room needs to be set up and structured. This can be a time-consuming and laborious task – especially when the documents you need to upload are stored in an unstructured way.

At Imprima, we develop tools to help with laborious and low value tasks like these, so you can get a head-start on what matters most. Our Smart Index tool is one example of this. Utilising AI, Smart Index can dramatically reduce the time spent on structuring your data room.

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AI Predicted Categories

We know that each project can be unique. That’s why Smart Index is designed to take your custom requirements into account. Users can create a bespoke “Classifier” which lists the different categories you need for your project such as Legal, HR, Corporate etc. As you start to manually assign categories to documents, the AI works in the background to predict the categories in the rest of the data room.

Smart Index Categories

Rule-based document-folder organiser

Decide which categories of documents belong in which folder. Once your documents have been categorised, our “Auto-structure” feature pulls the documents into their designated folders with just one click.

Smart Index Auto Structure

Continued success for each project

Thanks to Machine Learning, you can use your Classifier on your next project and benefit from documents being automatically categorised, since it has already learnt from the categorisation of your previous projects!

If you would like to be sent a sample index, or see a demo of Smart Index, Contact Sales.

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