AI-Redaction that works in practice

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AI redaction tools are designed to automatically detect and remove sensitive information from documents to ensure data privacy and security. In addition to accurate results, there are several important usability features that are crucial for a tool that will give you return on investment. Here are some key features you should look out for when […]

Customised AI-redaction – making sure it redacts what you want redacted

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Last week, we addressed the challenge of achieving perfect accuracy in automated redaction. We emphasised that even with the most advanced technology, perfect recall and precision are not feasible, despite what some vendors may claim. Contrary to the practice of other vendors, we like to be open about our accuracy statistics, and you can read […]

Why redaction is so important

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Redaction plays a crucial role in due diligence by protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. By effectively redacting sensitive information, the due diligence process can proceed smoothly and securely, enabling mitigation of potential risks. The importance of redaction during due diligence CONFIDENTIALITYMultiple parties such as potential investors, acquirers, or legal advisors may […]

Smart Compliance – the latest AI-based innovation from Imprima

Why PII redaction is difficult (until now!) Redacting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a necessity nowadays, to be GDPR compliant, and to protect Personal Data in an M&A setting. Redacting PII data seems like a simple task, and one that one would think could be easily automated with software that makes use of a combination […]

Medical Device Regulation within the EU

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In 2017, changes to the regulation of medical devices were announced by the EU. Under the new guidelines, existing initiatives would be scrapped in favour of a new framework, known as the MDR. With the MDR coming into effect on May 26th 2020, here’s an informative guide to the Medical Device Regulation.   What is […]

6 Common Causes Of Data Breaches

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Practically every week another news story comes out describing how a high-profile company has suffered a major data breach, relinquishing high-value, personally identifiable information to hackers. With all these damaging cases in the press, conscientious companies are now asking themselves why this is happening and what are the most common causes of data breaches?   It turns […]

GDPR: Preparing For Change

Building further trust with our customers. GDPR Deadline- The clock is ticking. Download the PDF version of this whitepaper here. Preparing for change With just under 2 weeks until the GDPR comes into effect, many organisations are still ill-prepared to meet its requirements. Given the importance of this topic, Imprima has started running a series […]

GDPR: An International Context

Download the PDF version of this whitepaper here. The global impact of the GDPR in relation to Brexit and the EU-US Privacy Shield GDPR – The clock is ticking Is your business ready? With just over five weeks until the GDPR comes into effect and less than one year before the UK is scheduled to […]