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When it comes to closing an important deal, time is the enemy. Any delay can lead to a breakdown in negotiation or, at worst, no deal at all.

When the stakes are high, our clients trust Imprima to keep their business-critical documents secure at all stages, leaving them to focus on finalising the deal.


Virtual Data Room

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Imprima VDR is a user focused, ISO compliant and 24/7/365 supported Virtual Data Room platform for performing complex business deals. This includes M&A due diligence, IPOs and Raising Capital transactions, in an ultra-secure, digital environment.

Reach everyone involved in the deal worldwide whilst providing them with the latest information in real-time. Ensuring that you maximise available options and value.


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Asset Lifecycle Management

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Imprima ALM is a specialised Asset Lifecycle Management online platform for keeping your  documentation up-to-date, maintaining portfolio’s compliancy & ultimately being prepared to go to market at a push of a button.

You will save time & costs, increase your team’s collaboration & efficiency and, as a result, deliver what matters the most – maximum return on your investments.


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Why Imprima

When the stakes are high, you need to rely on a stable and robust platform which won’t let you down at any stage of the transaction process. Our continual investment in technology ensures IROOMS is at the forefront of innovation and security.

  • 99.9% uptime or more is consistently achieved, ensuring continuous access for time-sensitive transactions
  • Web acceleration capabilities ensure that content is accessed and uploaded quickly, regardless of user location
  • Disaster recovery protocols ensure business continuity, through encrypted back-ups stored at a secure secondary location
  • All major browsers supported: your users will always have access to the data room, no matter which browser they use. This includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, with backwards compatibility for older operating systems
  • Multiple device compatibility: IROOMS can be accessed on a variety of mobile and desktop devices including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • No plug-ins or downloads are required, enabling users to get started and access documents immediately
  • Reporting is available in real-time, allowing you to access accurate and up-to-date reports whenever needed. Accessed through a dynamic dashboard, with multiple configuration settings, allowing reports to be configured by data, group, user, folder, or per document
  • Dedicated Q&A tool: helps deal managers, streamline and optimise how the sell-side team respond quickly and accurately to questions posed by bidders. This not only improves deal efficiencies, but also provides a fully auditable trail for compliance and regulation purposes.
  • Secure access controls provide the flexibility to set and change permissions relating to Q&A, document access and uploads
  • Large data room capabilities: very fast database performance ensures that permission and structural changes can be done instantly, in even the largest data rooms, and with many concurrent users
  • UI/UX: an intuitive user interface ensures that users can get started right away, and work efficiently

During deal completion and crucial contract negotiations, you need assurance that your data is secure and that access and visibility are controlled. Imprima’s entire business is certified to the latest and most comprehensive in-depth security certification – ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

  • ISO 27001: unlike other providers whose ISO certification only covers data centres, Imprima’s ISO 27001 scope covers our entire business: people, processes, procedures and platform
  • Data protection laws: Imprima is subject to and compliant with the world’s most stringent data protection laws and regulations
  • US Freedom Act: as a European owned provider, our non-US clients can rest assured that all their data resides in Europe and as such is not subject to the US Freedom Act
  • 256-bit encryption: data is protected at every stage of a transaction no matter where it resides or how it is transferred (in situ and in transit)
  • Penetration testing: regular, third-party penetration testing and virus scanning ensures security protection is robust and vulnerabilities addressed
  • IROOMS File Protect allows users to open Office and PDF files in their native format, whilst data room administrators maintain full control over document protection
  • Encrypted compliance archive: on project completion, a compliance archive can be created to keep all documents and room statistics encrypted and safely stored
  • Granular permissions help minimise human error and risk, as user access controls can be set on allowed document interaction per user and per document
  • All major file types such as PDF and MS Office are protected and much more such as AutoCAD, Photo’s and e-mails
  • Dynamic watermarking: customisable watermarking available for additional security
  • Secure communications, such as Q&A, can be executed withinIROOMS, rather than separately via email, keeping all elements of the transaction within a secure environment

We understand that no two deals are the same, but that every type of transaction or negotiation needs to run smoothly. We are constantly evolving our platform to ensure it is easy to use, intuitive, efficient, and ultra-fast.

Since developing Europe’s first M&A-focused due diligence platform in 2001, we have continued to invest in cutting edge technology, to keep our platform and services at the forefront of a competitive market.

Our agile software development process and strict adherence to a fortnightly release schedule, ensures we are quick to respond to client feedback.

As Cloud-based services become increasingly mainstream, threats to the safety and security of cloud environments are rising. We continuously work on improving the reliability and security of IROOMS, so you have peace of mind that your project is safe.

Efficiency is key. Therefore, we never stop working on further optimising IROOMS database performance, in addition to the user interface to ensure a seamless user experience.

A virtual data room is much more than secure data storage. As such, we continuously invest in new functionality that makes your life easier. Our new and revolutionary reporting tool allows you to create virtually any report on the data in your data room, by user or activity. This happens in real-time, via a dynamic dashboard, so you have accurate, up-to-date reports whenever you need them.

Whether you are working on a high-pressure business deal or a complex transaction, you need a strong team to support you. Through our all-inclusive service model, our dedicated service teams become part of your team.

  • Experienced project managers help you with the running of your data room from the start to completion. From room building and structuring, managing access, through to creation of post deal compliance archives.
  • Pre-data room services ensure that you are ready to go, as soon as you need to. This includes managing document retrieval, collation, scanning, indexing and distribution.
  • Client branding: our skilled service teams will work with you to tailor the look and feel of your data room – every aspect of the IROOMS interface can be branded with your company colours, logos and much more
  • Rigorous quality control processes throughout the life of your project ensure all processes run to time and milestones are achieved without delay or errors
  • 24/7/365 support available in multiple languages – ensures any questions are answered quickly, no matter where users are based or what time zone they are in
  • No outsourcing: we do not outsource roles and responsibilities or deploy offshore business models – this ensures the highest quality and consistency of service delivery to our clients
  • Trained and accredited: every member of our team is fully trained and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

Our Clients

Imprima is the award-winning platform for due diligence compliance and asset lifecycle management. We have been awarded by the following recognitions

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Our expertise is founded on our 100-year history in the production, typesetting and distribution of highly confidential financial documents. The security of business-critical information is in our DNA, and today we apply this to our market-leading data room, IROOMS VDR and our Secure Workspace ALM.

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