Virtual Data Rooms for Corporations

Imprima Smart VDR is the go-to due diligence platform for corporate development teams. Imprima, the 1st European VDR provider, has been a trusted partner for Corporate Development teams for more than 20 years.


Virtual Data Rooms for Corporations

Imprima Smart VDR is the go-to due diligence platform for corporate development. As the 1st European VDR provider, Imprima has been a trusted partner for corporate M&A teams for more than 20 years.

Top organisations using Imprima VDR

Why leading corporations use Smart VDR

Make your next transaction a success with our AI-powered Smart VDR – the only data room with integrated smart due diligence tools.

As the first European-based VDR provider with more than 20 years of experience supporting leading M&A teams, Imprima has handled tens of thousands of corporate development transactions worldwide.  

Use Smart VDR to automatically structure data room index and redact sensitive PII data during the VDR preparation stage. Easily spot red flags and summarise contracts during vendor due diligence phase — all within the secure environment of Smart VDR.

Contacting us will never take more than a minute and – in addition to traditional technical support – our local service teams can actively help you save time by:    

  • Structuring your data room
  • Creating VDR users
  • Uploading documents
  • Managing permissions, and more

Fully ISO27001 certified, GDPR compliant, and with data centres in the EU, Smart VDR is the safest way to manage due diligence. 

Additionally, the security of your transaction is enhanced by Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption, 2-factor authentication, 2-step publishing, and in-VDR AI-powered PII redaction tool.

Stop switching between applications and save time by integrating Smart VDR with your enterprise systems (Salesforce, SharePoint etc) and having the latest information at hand.  

We will not only provide API links but actually connect them to Smart VDR and troubleshoot any issues for you.

Smart VDR will support every stage of your corporate development

Sell-side M&A

Execute your transaction with confidence. You are in control and ready for all deal management scenarios.

Buy-side M&A

A complete buy-side due diligence toolkit: AI-powered contract summaries, document review and PII redaction.


With Smart VDR, raising capital can be managed easily. It will be done in less time and with greater insight into what investment opportunities are on offer.


Use Smart VDR to manage recapitalisation or selling distressed assets.


Smart VDR enables legal and financial teams to work together, making pre-IPO preparation as efficient as possible.


Maintain an always-on, cloud-based instance of your acquired data and easily find information when you need it.


Corporate deals hosted


Global corporate VDR users


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Deals hosted on Smart VDR


Global VDR corporate users


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Corporate VDR experience

Unilever used Imprima VDR to sell the Research & Development site on Olivier van Noortlaan in Vlaardingen, to the Van Adrighem Group.

Advisors: Cushman & Wakefield Nederland, De Lobel & Partners, Schaap Advocaten Notarissen

Airbus and Safeguard used Imprima VDR for the divestment of their shares in PFW Aerospace GmbH to Hutchinson.

Advisors: Lazard – Paris, EY
€300m Million

TotalEnergies used Imprima VDR to sell a 50% interest in its 143MW wind and solar portfolio in France to Banque des Territoires.

Advisors: Jones Day, Crédit Agricole CIB, NATIXIS, LPA-CGR Avocats, Greensolve