Smart Compliance

Comply with GDPR and protect your key information with AI-powered multi-lingual redaction of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Works out of the box, with no training required. In virtually any language, including German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian. Just hit the button, and it does the job, with over 95% accuracy, more accurate than manual redaction.

All this is the result of years of dedicated research at Imprima, making use of the latest deep learning technology: AI that works in real life!

Manual PII data redaction is not a viable option

The Problem

Today, the process of protecting Personally Identifiable Information is an increasing burden for many organisations. Current manual processes are:

  • Time-consuming and very expensive
  • Highly reliant on outsourcing and resultant loss of control
  • Inefficient and error-prone
  • High risk with record level GDPR fines for non-compliance

The Solution

Imprima Smart Compliance is a truly unique AI-powered PII software. It helps you identify and anonymise Personally Identifiable Information:

  • As it is truly a fully automated process you will benefit from time and cost savings of at least 90%
  • You will achieve that with even higher accuracy compared to manual review:
    • PII that is buried deep down in the text is uncovered by Imprima Smart Compliance  as easily as PII listed on the first page
  • Ensure compliance to both external regulations (e.g. GDPR) and internal privacy policies
  • Is fully integrated within the Virtual Data Room – no need for critical PII to go back and forth between multiple systems

How does Smart Compliance work?

How is it different?



Save at least 90% of your time redacting PII



Get the most accurate PII redaction results



Anonymise PII in any alphabet-based language

Modern, Simple, Smart PII Redaction

Protect PII in any language

Smart Compliance algorithms have been trained on data in multiple languages. This makes it the most flexible and versatile product to anonymise Personally Identifiable Information.

Imprima's unique algorithms simultaneously make use of all trained data in all languages: German, English, Dutch. Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and many more, making Imprima Smart Compliance the most comprehensive and accurate tool to protect PII in the market.

The most acurate PII redaction

Smart Compliance delivers a fully automated, highly accurate anonymisation of PII items. Outstanding results were seen in the extensive tests we concluded. For example, names, dates of births, addresses, emails, telephone numbers were all found with over 95% accuracy, and individual's names with amazing 99% accuracy levels.

In practice, that is significantly more accurate than manual redaction.

Manual PII redaction is not a viable option

Humans can easily find names that are in predictable document sections (e.g., parties of a contract), but it is much harder to manually spot names buried deep in the text.

Imprima’s AI-powered technology can parse through 100s of pages to accurately identify PII items, regardless of where they are placed in the text.

Key Use Cases

GDPR Compliance

Reduce the regulatory burden, without lowering standards.

Stay compliant with the latest regulation and avoid hefty fines.

Confidentiality in M&A

Protect strategic information during the transaction until it is the right time to disclose:

a.  Customer lists

b.  HR information – names of the key staff

What else can it do?


Bulk actions

Redact all PII items in one go. Redactions can be reversed one by one or in bulk.


In-VDR redaction

Automatically redact confidential documents in your Imprima virtual data room, move redacted documents to a different folder/ data room, download redacted files.


Advanced search

Administrators and privileged parties can easily search through redacted data and reveal underlying information.


Granular Permissions

Allow your deal team, advisors & experts to search and reveal underlying text. The end users see the redacted text while the admins can download either redacted or original files.


Rock-solid protection

Any file format is converted to PDF, with redactions burnt into the document, making it impossible to tamper with.


Flexible application

You can combine AI PII redaction with customised search and manual redaction. Manual redaction is colour-coded black to help you keep track of your own updates.


PII, or personally identifiable information, is any type of data that can be traced back to a specific individual.

Some examples of PII include a full name, Social Security Number, bank account number, passport number, email address, home address etc.

Imprima Smart Compliance tool automatically detects and redacts the following PII items:
• Individual’s name
• Address
• Company name
• Date of birth
• Email
• Telephone number
• Social Security Number
• Passport number

Accidentally disclosing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can have serious consequences. There are 2 main reasons to consider redacting PII data in your documents:

1. Compliance with the data privacy regulations (e. g. GDPR)
2. Adherence to the internal privacy policies

In the context of an M&A transaction, the sell-side should carefully consider different options of protecting important strategic information. It’s a common practice to pay extra caution about sharing customer lists and names of the key staff with the buy-side, until it’s the right time to disclose.

AI-powered PII redaction is a process where AI and Machine Learning algorithms are used to allow the user to automatically identify and redact personally identifiable information (PII).

For example, Imprima Smart Compliance PII redaction tool can automatically redact 1000s of PII data points across 100s of documents in just one click.

Imprima Smart compliance has been trained on data in multiple languages so it can identify and anonymise PII data in virtually any alphabet-based languag