Smart Index – VDR Auto-Allocation Tool

Automatically categorise your documents and allocate them to the requisite folder in the data room.


How Smart Index can help you?

Save as much as 90% of the time it takes to structure a data room.

The Challenge

Large amounts of documentation must be organised and structured in the initial steps of setting up your data room.

This process is usually carried out with time constraints and involves repetitive work which can be prone to error.


The Solution

Imprima’s AI-powered tool – Smart Index – automatically categorises and structures the documents you need in your data room.

Not only saves 90% of your time, but also gives you the confidence to meet the deadlines and an increased capacity to be engaged efficiently on multiple deals.

How does Smart Index work?

The AI-powered Smart Index can structure your VDR in two ways: based on your existing dataset or a data room desired index.

Based on your desired index

This method works best when you have a standard VDR index used across multiple transactions.

  • AI-based “Prediction Model” is trained in an existing, manually structured VDR – it learns as you do your usual work.
  • AI automatically structures new VDRs based on the examples of your previous projects.


From scratch, based on the content of your documents

AI is trained while you structure 10-20% of your documents, then the machine learning algorithm structures the rest of your dataset.

By training on your own data our tool builds the index that is tailor-made for your process and transaction.

Key Benefits


Easy to use

Smart Index doesn’t require technical expertise: it mimics human behaviour. It learns from your actions and becomes smarter with each use.


Time Saving

Utilise a template VDR, or start training directly in the room with a fraction of the total data set. Smart Index will take over the bulk of the work and do the rest.



Applying a defined and standardised structure to each VDR ensures it’s done your way. Results are more accurate than the manual process.


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