Smart Compliance – the latest AI-based innovation from Imprima

Why PII redaction is difficult (until now!) Redacting Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is a necessity nowadays, to be GDPR compliant, and to protect Personal Data in an M&A setting. Redacting PII data seems like a simple task, and one that one would think could be easily automated with software that makes use of a combination […]

Redaction doesn’t have to be a distraction

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What’s repetitive and laborious (and quite boring), but critical to the deal-making process? Redaction. Those involved in M&A dealmaking, Real Estate, or Capital Raising, will only know this too well.  The protection of personal & private information is of increasing importance within the deal making and so many rides on getting it right. It seems cruel that something that can be so critical to deal-making is equally as tiresome to the individuals partaking. Its repetitive […]

Automated Kadaster Summaries

Imprima Dutch Real Estate for Cadastre

The Origin of Kadaster Summaries In 1804 (yes, we are going that far back) Napoleon Bonaparte becomes Emperor of the French and begins his Empire Building initiative! Part of his empire-building was, as is usually the case, to build an army. He’s quoted as saying, “An army marches on its stomach.” He felt that if […]

IROOMS, Imprima and the Human Genome

Irooms Genome

It was 2001.  Scientists had, for the first time, mapped out the complete human genome. This breakthrough meant we could understand evolution more clearly and learn how best to tackle specific diseases. It was a momentous achievement. The amount of data involved was colossal and the collaboration required between individuals and teams was immense. It remains the world’s largest collaborative […]

Spend more time working your deal, not your VDR.

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Our revamped UI makes it quicker and easier to manage your deal. When you invest in a Virtual Data Room, you do so because you want to streamline the due diligence process. To streamline a process means boosting efficiencies and effectiveness, so how do you do that? You focus on ease of use. Your Virtual […]

Imprima’s Q&A, always pushing the envelope

Advanced Qa

Daniel Pullinger – Group Training Manager The Q&A module has long been a critical differentiator of Virtual Data Rooms. But just having one isn’t enough, it needs to work for you. Here at Imprima, we were the first VDR provider to have an inbuilt Q&A module and have long been recognised as having the most advanced […]

A.I for M&A: how to make it work

Air Hero

Pieter van der Made – Executive Chairman Imprima AIR, Artificial Intelligence for M&A Due Diligence As extensively covered in the media, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing rapidly in a plethora of use cases – from the translation of natural languages through to robotics, self-driving cars to virtual assistants, image recognition, and beyond, […]

Streamlining access and upload for lengthy M&A deals

London, [6th November 2017] – Ensuring that technology is a time-saver, rather than a hindrance, in high-stakes M&A deals, Imprima has announced a bulk upload feature that doesn’t require any plug-ins or additional software. Mergers and acquisitions are a drawn-out, complicated process. From a virtual data room perspective, the sheer scale of a complicated deal involves an […]

Keeping our eyes on the data safety prize

Iso Blog

Tom Horsman – Head of Technology Data hacks and attacks are never far from the news – Equifax is the latest company to be hit in a breach that has affected over 143 million people. In the light of the current threat landscape, it’s increasingly important for companies to showcase that they can protect their […]