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Automated Information Retrieval for M&A Due Diligence

Next Level Intelligence | AI designed for due diligence

In M&A Due Diligence (DD), ever-increasing amounts of data have to be analysed in an ever-decreasing amount of time. In a typical deal, a Virtual Data Room (VDR) can contain thousands of documents that need to be analysed in depth by interested parties (bidders & their reviewers).

Even more documents need to be reviewed on the sell-side, when the information is being collated and screened for upload to the VDR.

As well as being time consuming, the accuracy of manually analysing all these documents is limited. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a huge impact, by providing the potential to be much more efficient and significantly more accurate.

Automated Information Retrieval

Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

How can Imprima AIR help you?

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Imprima AIR is an AI-based tool that will dramatically reduce your workload in due diligence processes and, at the same time, significantly reduce risks. It is very user-friendly and needs very little set up time to get your teams on board.  No training of prior machine learning is required: teams do not need to first label  documents or information in documents to get started.

Time-consuming Due Diligence workflows can now be automated, including:

  • Categorising all data that needs to be stored in a VDR, including:
    • Automatically find documents using a predefined checklist
    • Removing duplicates and finding the latest version of documents
    • Automatic indexing of documents going into a VDR
  • Vendor due diligence, identifying and tagging red flags:
    • Automatically find legal documents of a certain type, e.g. articles of association, sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements etc

How does it work?

Proven track-record in Artificial Intelligence

Imprima AIR is based on a range of AI technologies that have been proven to work in practice. You can count on Imprima AIR to deliver results that are reliable – more than manual search and review, and much faster!

Get started right away

Imprima AIR’s AI technology works straight  out of the box: it is not necessary to “train” Imprima AIR beforehand.

Work in combination with other Imprima software

The technology is fully integrated in your Imprima Virtual Data Room or Imprima Asset Lifecycle Management platform for seamless access of data.

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