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Throughout Imprima’s history, we’ve dealt with highly confidential information. As a result, protecting the integrity and security of data is core to our company’s DNA.

We launched the Imprima Virtual Data Room in 2001 to simplify the M&A process and other transactions, such as Real-Estate sales, IPO’s, Restructuring, etc.. As such, we’re a pioneer of the industry; no one has more experience than we do providing highly secure VDRs. 

In November 2014 Imprima was acquired by its current owner, OTM Participation C. OTM is an investment company controlled by software entrepreneurs Arco van Nieuwland (co-founder of Exact Business Software and and Pieter van der Made (co-founder and former CEO of Jason Geosystems (now a CGG company) and Managing Partner of OTM Investments).

A new board was appointed, composed of the OTM partners and Imprima’s CEO, Gary McKeown, and the company turned over a new leaf, focusing on high-end SaaS technology for Due Diligence. 

In 2017, Imprima took that a level higher, launching a research program focused on applying AI, and in particular machine learning, to Due Diligence. We wanted to take the complex, time-consuming processes we’d spent so long understanding and simplify them for our clients.

In 2019 and 2020, the first resulting AI tools were released. Smart Review, for automatically finding documents and finding documents containing red flags, and Smart Index, for automatically structuring VDRs.

Vision & Mission 

When people think about Software needed for Due Diligence, they think of a VDR. The VDR is often seen as no more than a highly secure document sharing tool.

At Imprima, we believe there is more to it.

Due Diligence is complicated and time-consuming. It’s also high consequence. That’s a dangerous combination; tasks of a monotonous and complex nature that carry great consequences.

At Imprima, we do our best to tackle the complexities of due diligence, reduce the time it takes to complete and, at the same time, minimise the risks involved.

We do this through automating DD processes, including Q&A, Reporting, and now contract review and vendor due diligence through our Imprima AI tools.

The latter, we believe will revolutionise the DD process, by automating processes such as structuring VDRs, and the manual and very repetitive document review process, relieving legal and financial professionals from mundane, tedious and labour-intensive work, allowing them to concentrate on where they can really add value.


The key to achieving the above is the creativity, pro-activity, responsiveness and can-do mentality of all our teams. At Imprima we foster a culture that recognises integrity and excellence. We reward performance, where individual employee goals are closely aligned with those of the company and of our clients. Our employees are inspired to work as a team to make  Imprima's success their own.

Board of Directors

Imprima VDR
Pieter van der Made
Managing Director
Pieter van der Made is the Executive Chairman of Imprima. A position he held since November 2014.

In 2011 Pieter joined the Board of Imprima as an independent supervisory director. After acquiring the company in 2014, Pieter led Imprima’s business transformation.

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Bringing more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Pieter co-founded Jason Geosystems in 1985 and was appointed CEO a number of years later. Under his management, all major global oil & gas companies were listed as clients, making Jason a highly successful and global software technology company, with offices in 10 countries. 

In 2002, Pieter sold Jason to Fugro, marking a very successful transaction for key staff and VC investors. Pieter continued as CEO of Fugro-Jason for a number of years.

After retiring as CEO of Fugro-Jason, Pieter co-founded OTM investments and embarked on various successful commercial and non-commercial activities. Pieter currently also sits on the Board of MADS B.V., a mobile technology company and an OTM investments portfolio company.

Pieter is Dutch and holds a Ph.D. and MSc in Physics from the Delft University of Technology.
Imprima VDR
Gary McKeown
Managing Director
Gary McKeown is the CEO of Imprima. A position he held since September 2014.

Joining Imprima in June 2003, Gary has held various senior roles within the group. Prior to being appointed CEO, Gary was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Imprima.

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As CFO he was responsible for global Treasury in addition to all Legal, Commercial and Human Resources activities. This included end-to-end Compliance and Corporate Governance, achieving consistency and best practice.

Gary is passionate about people, quality, innovation and business transformation. He is driving Imprima forward, to sustain its leading SaaS product position within Due Diligence and Asset Lifecycle Management.

Gary was born in Dublin and moved to the UK in 2002. His previous roles in Ireland included working as a Senior Equity Analyst for BCP Asset Management, one of Ireland’s largest independently owned Investment Product Providers.

Gary holds a Master’s degree in Investments and Treasury from Dublin City University.

Imprima VDR
Arco van Nieuwland
Non-Executive Director
Arco van Nieuwland is Non-Executive Director of Imprima. A position he held since 2011.

Co-founding Exact Holding NV (alternate name, Exact Software) in 1984 marks the beginning of a focused and exceptional journey. Where innovation, Marketing and Business Development were his key pillars.

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In 2006 Arco left Exact Holding and founded CNBB partners. Investing successfully into a variety of software start- and scale-ups. Besides the exponential results, in 2008 Arco founded Yuki, Robotic Accounting, currently creating a revolution within accounting and expanding into new markets each year.

His personal passion for technology, combined with a fine sense of business growth, makes Arco a respected advisor and Board Member, whereas in August 2016, via CNBB, Arco took a stake into Bynder and sits on the Supervisory Board as it’s Chairman.

Arco has been recognised as one of the leading entrepreneurs in the software industry. Arco is Dutch and studied Informatics at the Delft University of Technology.

"When Due Diligence and Asset Management Really Matters"

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