Virtual Data Rooms for Investment Banking and Financial Services

Virtual Data Rooms for Financial Services Clients

Virtual Data Rooms for Financial Services

Imprima has been a market leading service provider of Virtual Data Rooms for Financial Services for over a decade. We have been a trusted partner and advisor for some of the world’s largest transactions in this sector, including mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, recapitalising and managing non-performing loans (NPLs). Some notable transactions have included:

  • Lloyd’s acquisition of HBOS – largest ever bank acquisition / 4 billion rights issue
  • RBS acquisition of ABN AMRO – largest bank acquisition at the time
  • EFG Eurobank Greece privatisation process


The banking and financial services industry often works under extreme time pressure, across global time zones. We understand that during a deal process, time is of the essence, and that you require an all-inclusive Virtual Data Rooms for Financial Services that is available 24/7. We fully understand that secure information sharing around compliance and corporate risk is essential to meet your objectives and by using Imprima VDR, we can ensure information is safeguarded and regulatory and business risk is greatly reduced.


Our sophisticated Q&A tools ensure that questions raised during an M&A process or other transactions are processed and responded to quickly, so as not to impact upon the closure of your financial services deal. The system also provides a full audit trail of correspondence, to ensure all due diligence has been undertaken and recorded for compliance and regulation purposes.


Our bespoke securitisation data rooms ensure you can carry out heavily regulated transactions in the most secure, reliable environment available. We have extensive experience with the intricacies of asset-backed securities (ABS) including mortgage-backed securities (MBS, CMOs), both commercial and residential (CMBS, RMBS). Imprima VDR for Financial Services enables disclosure requirements relating to structured finance instruments in compliance with the regulations of National Banks, including the US SEC rule 17g-5 and Bank of England regulations. Key clients of Imprima’s Virtual Data Rooms for Financial Services include:

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • BBG
  • Nationwide
  • Coventry Building Society

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