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  • Pioneer Investments was founded in 1928 with the establishment of the Pioneer Fund, and today has around €178 billion assets under management and offers a wide range of products across both traditional and non-traditional asset classes.
  • These are managed by its global investment centres in Boston, Dublin and other local investment centres like Milan, Munich, and Warsaw.
  • UniCredit Group launched a strategic review of its Pioneer Investments business
  • A key part of this was to establish a virtual data room for a wide range of bidders to access more than 120,000 pages of information
  • Imprima VDR platform provided access to more than 400 individual users



  • Working with an Italian-speaking, experienced project manager based in Milan was critical – alongside having 24/7 access to a European helpdesk
  • 120,000 pages of data needed to be accessed by over 400 users, all of whom needed quick and easy access to relevant data – preferably using a site with an interface in their preferred language



  • The local Imprima team in Milan worked with Pioneer Investments alongside the Imprima team in London to set up the data room, which included uploading 120,000 pages of documentation in an accelerated timetable
  • Davide Colombo, Global Head of Organisation at Pioneer Investments said, “We found that the Imprima VDR was of a higher quality than other systems and offered value for money. Our selection was based on a combination of recommendation, value and quality.”

IMPRIMA VDR helped us manage a complex yet effective international bid process that involved more than 120,000 documents and over 400 people.


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