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M7 is a leading specialist in pan-European, regional, multi-tenanted commercial real estate and is part of the M7 Investment Group of companies. They have over 225 employees in 15 countries and territories. M7 team manages over 620 retail, office and industrial properties with a value around €4.0 billion.

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The Project

In this project Imprima facilitated the sale of one of M7’s portfolios. The timelines of this project were short from the very beginning. With the help of Imprima’s project managers M7 was able to deliver the data room to potential buyers on time, therewith ensuring a prompt start of the due diligence phase.

The way the data room is set up is so easy [...] Especially the Q&A tool helps streamline a normally time-consuming process. I have not experienced a data the room this easy to use before.

Data room was prepared within hours and the team trained the next working day.
As the team was travelling the data was collected at the premises of the client and loaded by Imprima Project Management the same day.
With the support of Imprima Project Management every request was handled promptly and securely.

The Challenges

  • This was the first time for M7 to use a sell-side data room. This meant that they had no structure ready and with extreme time pressure needed to learn quickly. Ismay Leeuwenkamp says: “The data room needed to be opened and filled a la minute”. “The responsiveness of Imprima went above a 9 to 5 mentality. As M7 operates in a fast market and with tight deadlines the responsiveness of Imprima’s Project Management team was a real asset”.
  • Best exemplified by the start of the project was the tight schedule M7 was under. With the help of the Project Management team the data room was online the same day it was requested. Training was provided in the morning of the next working day to allow for a swift start. With the guidance of Imprima M7 developed a structure that is now being used for all future projects.
  • With the deadline of the data room being ready for buyers before the end of December and the holiday season around the corner, Imprima was able to go above and beyond once more. With a plane to catch to the Christmas celebrations in London and a lot of data to load, Diane van Schaik turned to their dedicated Project Manager Hans van der Werff.
  • The data was collected from the M7 office that very day. “I called the office immediately when I landed to see if there was anything I needed to do still to get the data online. I found out that everything was taken care off during my flight and there was no further action needed on my part.”

The Solutions

  • Imprima proved their value throughout the project, supporting M7 every step of the way. “The collaboration with Imprima was very pleasant”, says Diane, “whenever you needed advice or help with the data room the response of the Project Manager was immediate.” Ismay echoes this: “Imprima delivers Super-Support”.
  • Not only the support has helped M7 save time during their project. The data room itself was also a pleasure to work with. “The way the data room is set up is so easy”, says Ismay. “Especially the Q&A tool helps streamlining a normally time-consuming process.” “I have not experienced a virtual data room this easy to use before.”
  • All in all, Imprima contributed to the success of this project by delivering top quality service and platform, allowing M7 to focus on securing the deal. The fact that this was coupled with a fair price makes it very easy for M7 to choose for Imprima again going forward.
  • By using Imprima Imprima VDR M7 Real Estate was able to get the data room online and live to bidders within their very tight deadlines. They were then able to run their process efficiently whilst learning the best practices that they will take in to upcoming deals to further increase their efficiency.

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