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AI Lease

Whether you are acquiring land, producing a Rent Roll or simply need a summary of key terms in a portfolio of Lease Agreements – Imprima Smart Summaries is the tool your Real Estate team can rely on.

Smart Summaries utilises innovative machine learning techniques to understand key provisions in any document. The algorithms can adapt to the user’s requirements and enable teams to form an understanding of large numbers of documents in a reduced amount of time.

Drilling down into the report

Assessing important information from a portfolio of documents has never been easier. Using Imprima’s Smart Summaries, users can quickly identify and extract key clauses and datapoints from a whole portfolio of documents and view them alongside the document, in a customised Word report, or in our interactive grid report.

Report of extracted data for all documents under investigation (rows are the documents, columns the extracted data points). For each data point the report indicates whether extracted by AI (“AI:” or “AI+:”) or manually entered or modified (“M:“). The report also indicates if the user has completed and approved the extracted data for each document, giving the reviewer a quick and comprehensive overview of the status

In addition to the Word and grid report, users can also benefit from having all their notes and flags in one easily accessible report too. The Smart Summaries Flag Report allows users to review all comments made during the review, and have a summary of any red flags or key issues that have been made.

DD report (or “red flag report”) highlighting issues found in the DD documentation. It is typically constructed by manually reviewing all the documentation, or at least samples thereof, manually entering key information in a document summary, and then adding notes where issues (“red flags”) are discovered.

With 86% Recall users can save time while feeling confident in the results (read our blog on Smart VDR Accuracy for more info). These multi-language algorithms can use training in one language to aid prediction in another language, reducing the time it takes for provisions to be identified in new languages.

To find out more about how Smart Summaries can support your team with Real Estate transactions, Contact Us.

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