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Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence

How to make it work in real life

Within M&A, Real Estate and other high value transactions, the due diligence process can be lengthy, laborious and sometimes inefficient. The review of agreements, financial documents and contracts can create suffocating workloads that are mundane and monotonous. These characteristics become a catalyst for human error.

There’s lots of talk about technology’s role in addressing this challenge, especially around AI and Machine Learning. The technology can thrive from the repetitive nature of work involved in due diligence.


Artificial Intelligence In Due Diligence

We set out to discover how AI and Machine Learning could be effectively deployed and applied within due diligence as well as what hurdles it would face.

To do this, we challenged ourselves to build an AI tool for due diligence. Over the course of three years we met with legal experts, M&A advisors, Corporates and Real Estate advisors to help us build it, test it and refine it.

This whitepaper documents our journey and explores how AI and Machine Learning can impact due diligence in a positive way. We share how we built the tool, what it does and what results we’ve achieved in refining and improving the due diligence process for all parties involved.

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