Smart Index

Automatically Categorise Your Documents Within Your VDR


One of the most taxing processes when conducting vendor due diligence is organising and structuring large amounts of documentation before uploading them to your virtual data room. A process that is carried out with tight deadlines, is often highly repetitive and can be prone to human error.

The AI-powered Smart Index automatically categorises and structures your documents within your data room.

Saving you as much as 80-90% of your time, removes the tedium of repetitive data sorting, and greatly mitigates human error.


Structuring and categorising the documents based on your desired index:

As the one in charge of your Virtual Data Room, you may use a standard index for all (or most of) your VDRs. On the basis of just one reference VDR, the AI then decides the categories of the documents uploaded automatically and generates the corresponding index and folder structure.


Sm Index Graphic 2


Structuring your data room from scratch:

If you don’t (always) work with a standard index, Smart Index will be trained as part of an interactive and iterative structuring process. You may have to structure less than 10% or 20% of your documents and the machine learning tool builds out the remainder of your dataset. The tool learns what you are doing and structures the rest!


Sm Index Graphic 1






Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

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