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100,000 exchanges of information take place on Kadaster portal, DAILY.

Kadaster registers and maintains all legal rights concerning property in the Netherlands. It’s used to determine land registration and land use development. Its data is used in every Real Estate transaction that takes place in the Netherlands; Kadaster themselves estimate that there’s 100,000 exchanges of information on its portal, daily.

The companies accessing this data are often either legal firms, financial institutions or real estate companies that are working on Dutch Real Estate projects.

The Challenge of Using Kadaster

Companies we work with, want all data they extract to be within Excel and structured accurately; to achieve this, companies spend a large portion of time copying data from Kadaster PDFs and manually inputting that data to Excel.

There are 2 steps to this:

1. Matching all Kadaster documents of one asset together
2. Extracting all that information manually and placing it into Excel

Our research shows it takes a human 1 hour to complete the above process for 5 assets. If you had a project that involved 100 assets, that’s 20 hours of work.

Our Solution

We’ve built a tool, that automates this process.

We automatically match all relevant Kadaster documents based on the asset they concern, we build a working excel template to contain all relevant information, we then extract all information from the PDFs and place it within excel.

It’s built on drag and drop functionality. Download your Kadaster PDFs, drag and drop them into our Kadaster tool and click a button. The tool does the rest.
All information of 1 asset, is on one line of data – automatically.

Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

How can Imprima Kadaster help you?

With ever-increasing amounts of data needing to be analysed in an ever-decreasing amount of time, Imprima Kadaster delivers much needed efficiency gains. This means that you and your team have more time to focus on building relationships with clients, analysing portfolio performance and spotting opportunities.

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Any particular asset’s information is automatically labelled, categorized and presented on 1 line of an Excel table.

Get started immediately

Imprima Kadaster technology works out of the box and does not require any specialist training.

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