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Reducing complexity and maximising productivity through the M&A lifecycle

AI in Due Diligence

If you work in due diligence, our new tools – built into our VDR platform – will assist you and your teams in working more effectively than previously. Imprima is the only AI-powered, M&A due diligence platform to cater for data room preparation, Vendor Due Diligence, VDR and Post-Merger Integration. Our solutions encompass the entire M&A lifecycle and maximise productivity whilst reducing the complexity of large transactions.

Advanced, built-in functionality for Vendor Due Diligence and VDR Preparation

Smart Index

Upload your data and Smart Index will begin auto-categorising and structuring your data, allocating it to the correct folder within your VDR index. Smart Index mimics human behaviour, learns the documents you’re structuring and auto-structures the rest, resulting in time saved. Along with the mitigation of human error, this results in greater accuracy in a short timespan.

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Smart Review

Smart-Review is an AI-enabled due diligence software that helps you identify the required documents and contracts, as well as raising any red flags for documents that may present a potential risk. In comparison to many other software devices for due diligence, Smart Analysis requires no programming or training to use; it operates directly from the box. Much like Smart Index, Smart Review learns as you work, suggesting relevant items for review based on your process, and it being language agnostic means it’s independent of any language. After you review 10% of your documents, Smart Review will find upwards of 95%!

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Smart Redaction

Accelerate and streamline your deal-making process with Smart Redaction. You can manually redact or upload your pre-loaded or self-defined regular expressions to auto-redact your documents. The colour-coded redactions will show you what has been auto-redacted and what was manually redacted. Smart Redaction provides additional security protocol by providing end-users with all the necessary redacted information, whilst allowing you to search and reveal the underlying text.

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All this powerful technology is fully integrated with our exceptional, class-leading VDR. You can now orchestrate deals in their entirety, in one highly secure environment; no other VDR platform is able to offer this.

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Automated Information Retrieval

Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

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