Smart Review

Redefine What Is Possible For Speed And Accuracy Of Contract Review


Working in tandem with Smart Index, Smart Review is an AI-powered due diligence software tool that helps you identify the necessary documents that you need to review and contracts containing specific issues. Unlike many other AI tools, Smart Review requires no tech experience to use. And it works straight out of the box!

Traditional due diligence requires a human to manually review 100% of documentation. And even then, research shows, only between 50% and 85% of what they’re looking for is actually found. With Imprima AI’s Smart Review, you can review a mere 10% of all documentation to find upwards of 95% of what you’re looking for. Combine this with the fact you can get started instantly alongside the other benefits above, and that’s why this product is revolutionising due diligence.


You just enter any query to start the system off. Your query could be in the form of a few simple keywords, or an entire paragraph or clause (just one example will suffice!). The AI will then interpret what it is that you’re looking for, and start producing the docs or clauses you need.

The – straight out of the box – contract-review platform is fully flexible: any query will go, and in any language (it is “language agnostic”). And all that without the need to “teach” the AI (“machine learning”) algorithms in advance, unlike other AI tools.

Throughout your contract review, Smart Review will automatically classify your documents into categories, red flag any documents containing particular issues, and find semantically similar search terms, paragraphs or clauses within your data set.




Artificial Intelligence in Due Diligence: how to make it work in real life.

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