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Virtual Data Room for Life Sciences

Highly secure permission-based Virtual Data Room for Life Sciences

The medical and pharmaceutical industries are going through a period of transformation. Companies are increasingly looking to collaborate and pool resources, via strategic partnerships, in order to be more cost effective and speed up the commercialisation of treatments and bring new products to market. Imprima provides a highly secure permission based data room platform to facilitate clinical trials, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property (IP) licensing and management and biotech licensing.

Secure data room collaboration

Our Imprima Virtual Data Room for Life Sciences will help you streamline and secure data collaboration between the various stakeholders (patients, R&D departments and regulatory agencies) during clinical trials, ensuring confidential medical information is safeguarded at all times. Imprima’s VDR allows life sciences companies to share sensitive information easily and have full traceability of laboratory certifications and audits – while maintaining complete confidentiality. Use our leading Q&A technology to facilitate open collaboration on highly confidential matters in an ultra-secure virtual data room platform Our advanced and dynamic VDR technology is geared to help you quickly evaluate and manage potential buyer activity, and enable you to react immediately to ever-changing circumstances during clinical trials, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property (IP) licensing and management and biotech licensing transactions.

Benefit for our sophisticated Advanced Flexibility with Documentation Sharing and permissions:

This unique functionality allows all collaborative partners to share the right documents and research results to the right people effortlessly within your virtual data room. The additional functionality built within Imprima’s secure document sharing platform gives all partnership administrators the flexibility to publish life science information intelligently and only to specific users and groups throughout project work. Imprima is the most secure virtual data room provider in the industry, holding the most comprehensive ISO27001 accreditation possible, giving our clients in the medical industry peace of mind that their most valuable data is 100% secure within the VDR.

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