Advanced Q&A
Maintain your deal’s momentum with the most advanced data room Q&A module available
Our Q&A tool is designed to support the success of your deal by enhancing and streamlining your process. Everything we develop within our Q&A helps the sell-side respond clearly and efficiently to buyer questions.
Q&A Workflows – Your Deal’s Super Engine
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Basic Workflow
1. Bidders raise and submit questions to the deal team.
2. Deal team controls the question flow, responding directly or forwarding to the relevant expert group.
3. Expert groups generate responses to be reviewed and then published back to bidders.
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Questions can be assigned automatically to a Q&A Expert group based on Topic(s) mapping. This mitigates bottlenecks, boosts efficiency and reduces human error.
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Multi-Level Legal Check
Need multiple parties to review an answer pre-publication? No problem, our Q&A facilitates a review and approval process across complex scenarios.
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Team Leaders
Team Leaders can be utilised on both sides of a transaction; on the buy-side acting as a filter points employed to ensure question validity before submission, and on the sell-side by making sure your questions are forwarded to the appropriate expert.
Purpose-built for Efficient Due Diligence
Imprima’s Q&A is built to complement your deal management process, not to interfere with it. Make the most of our efficiency-boosting features to achieve a faster and better deal outcome.
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Allow users to raise questions and/or submit answers in bulk using Excel, rather than wasting time raising each question individually.

Visual Reporting

Granular insights and visual analytics make Q&A tracking simple:
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Take the Pulse of Your Deal
Our data room Q&A helps you better understand and manage your transaction at its every stage. Work more efficiently and in sync with your team and external stakeholders.
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Focus on Content

Set question limits to ensure question raisers are working mindfully:

Find Answers

See if questions have already been raised and answered by utilising keyword searches. Filter on status levels, answering parties, and date ranges.

Question Threading

Permit users to raise follow-up queries directly against previously posed questions and answers. Negate the need for users to awkwardly reference old items by allowing inline question raising.

Topic Mapping

Create topics covering different question categories.
Topic Graphic Done(s)
Key Benefits

Enhanced Security

A single secure Q&A environment (with a 100% auditable trail for compliance) eliminates the risks of unreliable emails and messy spreadsheets.

Greater Efficiency

Losing track of multiple spreadsheets circulated by email? Remove the deal’s bottlenecks by accessing up-to-date Q&A information in real-time.

Improved Collaboration

Workflow-your-way approach, automation tools and intuitive user interface make it easy to collaborate and track the deal’s progress.

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