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The Project

Pursuant to the strategy announced in March 2018 consisting in taking part in market consolidation in countries where the Group could obtain a leading or co-leading position, Indigo Group, the world-leading car parking and individual mobility group, concluded the sale of its subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia to SABA Infraestructuras.

The sale of shares in subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany and Slovakia has been closed today (December 2018), whilst the sale of the Czech Republic will be completed in a few weeks. All four countries combined accounted for less than 6% of 2017 EBITDA of the Group.

The sale reflects Indigo’s strategy to focus on priority markets in which it holds a leading position or sees opportunity to become a major operator.

Serge Clemente, Chief Executive Officer of Indigo Group, said: “This transaction is a step-change for Indigo, and it clearly demonstrates how we will continue to grow the business. Our plan to focus on attractive markets which we can lead, or co-lead is a key part of our long-term strategic plan. This will underpin our position as a leading player in individual mobility globally.”

The successful implementation of this strategy was also highlighted in June 2018 when Indigo Group acquired Besix Park NV, a major player in the Belgian parking market, giving Indigo a leading position in this country in terms of parking spaces operated.

Indigo Group has a leading position in all the regions in which it operates. In Europe, Indigo Group has a strong presence across France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In North America, the Group continues to build on its leading presence in both the US and Canada, and large networks in Brazil, Colombia and Panama in South America. In the meantime, the Group pursues discussions with potentials partners to expand into Asian markets.

Serge Clemente added: “Indigo continues to be at the heart of how individual mobility evolves, both through our constantly evolving parking networks and our digital mobility services. Our businesses combine to make us a key partner for cities across the globe. This will continue to be the case as cities optimize for how their citizens will get around, both now and in the future.”

Beyond its international expansion in the parking business, the Group continues to grow its digital mobility business, which primarily comprises OPnGO, the leading digital parking services, and INDIGO weel, the free-floating ride-sharing scheme focused on shared bikes and electric mopeds, which is now present in seven European cities.

The Challenges

  • 24/7 Project Management (Documentation, Users, Permissions, 400+ requests)
  • Very specific permission settings
  • Failed files
  • Express and encrypted USBs (+ letter of assurance)

The Solution

  • Complex permission settings with hidden folders, accessible folders but hidden documents (restricted folders) for some groups, etc.
  • Failed files fixed in timely manner (on client’s request and/or pro-actively – daily report)
  • 24/7 Project Management (Documentation, Users, Permissions) as we have received over 400 requests (emails + phone calls) in 5 months for this project only.
  • Express and encrypted USBs (6 delivered in less than 24 hours with letters of assurance)



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