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Security with Substance

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Execute global transactions any size, anywhere.

You can be assured that when you choose iRooms, you are selecting the most secure virtual data room technology and service in the industry.

Our software platform ensures that security is safeguarded through 256-Bit AES encryption, security checks at each critical step of publishing, and ISO 27001 certification for all business processes. While maximizing security is a hard constraint, at the same time we ensure that maximum ease of use for the deal managers and maximum accessibility for bidders is secured.

Our data room technology is paired with the best service in the industry. A multilingual support team and experienced project managers relieve you of the burden of managing your data room and help you meet your deadline, every time.

Advanced Virtual Data Room Technology

  • A powerful, secure and resilient web-based platform.
  • Flexible cross-browser support for both Windows and Mac.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface.
  • Automated email notifications, e-conversion and OCR.
  • An agile software development process enables a fast response to ongoing technology requirements.
  • iRooms allows all users easy access, with no plug-ins or downloads required.

Flexible Services & Support 

  • Responsive and proactive Project Managers throughout the deal process, 24/7/365.
  • Multilingual user interface and Project Managers for international transactions across multiple territories.
  • Best-in-class Q&A ensures your deal is managed efficiently.
  • Detailed reporting on all data room activity.

Unrivalled Security

  • 256-Bit Encryption for stored data – the most secure data room technology in the industry.
  • Optional 2-Factor PIN user authentication.
  • Unprecedented scope of information security covering every aspect of our software, service and business.
  • Fully certified for ISO/IEC 27001 - the globally recognised standard for information security management. Implemented for the iRooms software as well as for all processes and personnel in Imprima.
  • We are the only major multi-national data room provider that can guarantee that all your data is stored in Europe, and not subject to the U.S. Patriot Act.

The most advanced Q&A system.

iRooms was the first virtual data room to offer a fully-integrated Q&A platform. We have since consistently led the market in offering the widest range of options and controls to enable an efficient and secure online Q&A process.

Our best-in-class Q&A module allows you to execute the entire workflow online, reduces the costs and time it takes to complete your transaction, and provides real-time reporting to give your Deal Managers the information they need to manage the Q&A process.

Deal Managers are given full control over the virtual data room process – from defining Q&A permissions for each user and setting up team leaders for each bidding group, through to involving expert groups to provide answers, and deciding what is to be disclosed and when. In addition you can limit the number of questions per group as well as impose priority levels on a daily or project basis.

Key benefits of iRooms Q&A:

  • Improved security: Avoid insecure emails.
  • Greater efficiency: More responsive than conventional processes.
  • Ease of use, intuitive: Straight forward with no need for training.
  • Greater control: Your deal managers retain complete control over disclosure.
  • Peace of mind: Fully auditable for disclosure and compliance.

For more information about how iRooms can benefit you, check out the iRooms for page.

iRooms for Tablet Devices

Our tablet solution utilises HTML5 based document viewer requiring no downloads or plug-ins, ensuring the benefits of our solution are mirrored whilst mobile – on your iPad® or Android device.

  • Access documents and folders on your tablet and keep up to date with your deal process at anytime, anywhere.
  • Access the iRooms Q&A module from your tablet, allowing you to respond to bidder questions anytime, anywhere.

With iRooms you receive a unique service that meets all of your virtual data room needs and gives you ‘more’ as standard. Our service includes:

  • Project Management and support
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Easy to use online training
  • Multi-lingual Project Management and interfaces
  • In-country support, regional experience, management and scanning
  • Quality Control
  • Full document preparation
  • Automatic e-conversion
  • FTP transfer
  • Best-in-class Q&A management
  • On-demand bespoke reports
  • Standard and advanced searches
  • Index quality check and assistance