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Finding Information: What Does it Cost, What Does it Take?

The time pressure is especially high during the due diligence stage which increases the likelihood of missing certain information. That is where Machine Learning (ML) comes in. This whitepaper explains why NLP approaches to unstructured data (documents) are so effective.

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How AI is Changing Legal Due Diligence

With the introduction of artificial intelligence to the legal sector over the past few years, this technology has been gradually changing the way that legal due diligence is conducted.

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M&A in Historic Uncertainty

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world into an unprecedented crisis, and social distancing measures enacted to slow the spread of the disease have pushed the global economy into recession.

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AI Explained

With AI being rapidly adopted in almost any application imaginable, from spam filtering to self-driving cars to medical radiology, the discussion on how to control it is intensifying. Some even worry about AI becoming too powerful, with humans eventually losing control. We don’t believe that’s a realistic fear, at least not in the foreseeable future.

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Distressed M&A Opportunities

With a potential economic slowdown on the horizon, as well as broad structural changes in several industries, distressed M&A deals are expected to rise in 2020. Under higher pressure and an accelerated timeframe, how can dealmakers make the best out of a challenging situation?

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Sell-Side Success

Over the past 20 years, tools and processes like virtual data rooms (VDRs) and vendor due diligence (VDD) have allowed sellers to take greater control of M&A processes. But with an economic cooldown on the horizon, how can sellers continue to maximise their chances of success?

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The Rise Of The Mega Deal

Mega deal activity is robust, but dealmakers working at the top end of the market face unique challenges, both in getting deals over the line and after the close. What are these challenges and how should they be approached?

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M&A in 2030: AI’s Role In Dealmaking

Mergermarket is pleased to present Dealing with intelligence, published in association with Imprima on artificial intelligence (AI) tools and how they will effect M&A professionals.

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