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IROOMS is a highly secure, reliable and easy to use virtual data room. It provides an online document safe, to help clients preserve the confidentiality of mission-critical documents and communications during any deal transaction. The entire process and our people are certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – the latest and most comprehensive in-depth security certification for providers of virtual data rooms.

Our service and support is second to none, with dedicated project managers available to help you at every stage of your data room journey. Our reliable and stable platform keeps transactions on track and removes time delays. Investment and innovation in our virtual data room technology ensures your efficiency and productivity levels are constantly being improved.

Imprima’s virtual data room services have helped some of the world’s leading organisations in over 160 countries, to successfully execute deals worth over a combined $1 trillion.”

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The IROOMS platform was always quick and reliable for us and our clients. The team’s ‘hands on’ and client-oriented approach allowed us to lean on them throughout the entire project. The Imprima Service Team responded quickly and precisely at all times and we really appreciated this.UniCredit S.p.A.
We used Imprima’s virtual data room service, IROOMS, for a privatisation process over a period of almost 12 months. The system was easy to use and we didn’t need any special training to set it up. The management of the documents, the access levels and the questions sent to us from the bidders electronically was straightforward.Eurobank Equities
The excellent data room service was essential to our successful transaction. We will definitely select Imprima as our data room provider in the future.HSBC

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IROOMS Core Principles

You need to be 100% confident that your data is secure. With certification to ISO/IEC 27001, our service gives you complete peace of mind. Data stored on our servers, and during its transfer to and from the data room, is protected with 256-bit encryption. Security measures are also regularly verified through third-party penetration testing and virus scanning. Upon deal completion, all content is encrypted and stored in an online archive.

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When the stakes are high, you need to rely on a stable and robust platform which won’t let you down at any stage of the transaction process. IROOMS provides continuous access to documents through a high availability rate - consistently achieving an uptime of 99.9% or above. Support for a wide range of browsers and operating systems means that IROOMS can be accessed by the right people at the right time, on mobile and desktop devices.

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In a pressured business deal, you need a strong level of support to help everything run smoothly. This is why we offer an all-inclusive service model with 24/7 support and project management as standard. Experienced, multi-lingual staff across regional offices offer proactive support and guidance at every step of the process so you can focus on the task in hand. As well as assisting at deal preparation and execution stage, our team can also help with on-demand or bespoke reports to ensure you have the right information, how and when you need it.

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Our continual investment and innovation around our technology and service ensures we are always improving the security, reliability and ease of use of IROOMS. We understand that every deal is different so our service is constantly evolving to help you get the deal done. Ease of use is key, with the platform based on a user friendly and intuitive interface. No additional plug-ins or installations are required to use the service, meaning you can get started straight away.

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