Let Your VDR Do More - Redact Within Your Data Room

Stay compliant with data protection laws and avoid disclosing sensitive information to those who should not see it

Smart Redaction

Combine intelligent automation with an intuitive interface

Intelligent Automated Redaction

You can apply auto-redaction to custom regular expressions, specified lists of search terms, or pre-loaded regular expressions:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social security numbers
  • Dates, eg D.O.B.

Auto redactions are colour coded blue so VDR deal managers can see what has been automatically redacted.

Flexible Manual Redaction

Whenever extra flexibility is needed, you can redact manually. Manual redaction is colour coded black to help you keep track of your own redactions.

Efficiently redact by:

  • Highlighted searches
  • Selected text
  • Drawn area
  • Entire page

Secure, flexible and easy-to-use

Rock-solid protection from tampering

Allow downloading the redacted documents while keeping the confidential data fully protected – applies to both sell- and buy-side users. Any format is converted to PDF, with redactions burnt into the document, making it impossible to tamper with.


Once redacted, always redacted

When moving the documents in your data room, you can include any redactions from the original file as you paste the document into a new location. Where documents host redactions, that have applied through our platform, these are now downloadable from the dataroom to users with the correct permission to do so.

Flexible application

Your end users simply see the redactions; privileged parties can search and reveal underlying text, keeping the confidential data safe.

Virtual Data Room Redaction Comparison Table

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* All information deemed correct, to the best of our knowledge, at time of creation.

Key Benefits



Your end users simply see the redactions; privileged parties can still search and reveal underlying text.



Speed up your process by keeping it in line and agile. Apply redactions across the entire room in one action.



Redact full pages, paragraphs or even a single letter to ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

Experience what Auto-Redaction can do for you